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i think a large part of my dislike for this is that the lines seem oddly structured. the timing is very strange. that's not to say this awful, it's still more original than half the stuff i see here. but i'll agree with other commenters: it does seem very, very boring, and if that was your point and the whole thing is a giant meta-joke, then you've succeeded. this isn't to put you down - i'm not here to do that. this appears to be your first animation here, so maybe you've just got to get a few more going.

also, it's very long. you make the stuff you want to see, and if it is 9 minutes long, then by all means. i've got a few ideas for animations that are upwards of 10 minutes and beyond. but if it is structured like this, then it may have a hard time receiving an audience. this is, of course, all just opinion. i certainly don't want you offended by any of this... i've had enough internet trolls. i hope you take this comment with the heart it was written with.

Domonization responds:

I dunno, I just have a very weird and dry sense of humor. Not everyone's gonna get it. That's cool, though. Was the video a meta-joke? Kinda. I mean, it's not meant to be so boring that people hate it and quit watching it. But at the same time, it's not meant to be super fast-paced either. It's just a simple little cartoon where the humor comes from the characters and the things that they say. If you don't find my kind of humor funny, then I suppose you're not gonna enjoy it very much and it will be boring.

The timing might be off because of the way it was edited. That's why there's pauses between when the characters speak. The lines may look strange to you because this whole cartoon (except the first 7 seconds) was drawn frame-by-frame in Gimp. (You can see how it was done in the speed paint video that I put in the description.) I started working on this before I got Flash.

I don't see it at all as a put-down. I'm glad that you went more in detail in talking about it. Thanks for the review and hopefully you'll like the new video I'm working on better.

i liked this! it had a very cartoony, cute vibe to it. animation was great and ending was funny as well.

i enjoyed this. you have a nice way of keeping viewers engaged with the story even if it's like an illustrated journal entry. i love autobio comics and this felt like an animated version of that, which is really cool. keep it up.

i enjoyed this. animation was really good, but i'll agree that the voice acting was too monotone. i like natural, non-cartoony voice acting, but this still felt a little too monotone in places. either way, great stuff. hope you win!

hey man i loved this! even for being animated in a day it's all fine. animation can be stiff as long as you've got a kickass story goin' on.

LOVED the shot in which he grows older drawing! very relatable. like your style too!

ridiculous and hilarious. enjoyed it a lot.

hahah i loved the facebook music and font being used. pretty funny.

for some reason i felt like this had more potential to go places than it did. the quoting memes thing just seems a tad lazy, like, "it's the internet! let's quote some memes, they'll love this! hey, my favorite meme got quoted!" no offense, of course, and that's not to say that concept can't be made into something awesome, but i feel like this had more potential. 4 stars for the great animation, though.

fun script/voice acting.

hell yeah! liked this a lot. reminded me of the ricky gervais show in how it seemed to be a dialogue track later animated. i really liked the designs too for the main characters. animation was excellent also.

awesome job!

CarlDoonan responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the designs! It was a refreshing break to work with prerecorded dialogue like the Gervais Show and make silly visuals without having to worry about the story.

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