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this is awesome, and i can't wait to see where you're going with it.

NathanPuray responds:

Thanks Tyler! :) More to come!

this was great

this is downright excellent. a lot of online animations seem to neglect to tell a complete story and you do so and make it slightly affecting as well (which I'm a big fan of). I clicked because of your art style too, which is refined and functional (I'm not a character design man, it isn't my personal strong strength, but I'd like to think I know it when I see it. what I'm saying is it's good).

this was a really good short and I am excited to see more from you. your animation was very simple but felt just right, like it served the designs and bg's and colors (which also were great) very well. a very specific note of mine: I like your use of a wider, more cinematic aspect ratio! not enough people play around with that stuff, and I feel it helps tell the story here, which is the best thing it can do.

sorry for rambling but this was super good and I loved it.

TheSilleGuy responds:

Thank you so much man! It means a lot! :)

omg NRA4EVR! great simpsons reference!!

these are fucking wonderful. i love them. they're like autobio comics with a soundtrack. and i looove autobio stuff. i've seen some of your work in the past, and i liked it, but i loved this one. great color palette.

i'll be honest, midway through, i was wondering where it was leading to from a narrative perspective (you can end on a sad note, that's fine, too, but i wasn't hoping for a downer ending). sure enough, you delivered a very positive, uplifting message as it concludes that i found myself touched by, (cause god knows i need to remember it isn't where i am, it's where i'm going). thanks for the great animation man. can't wait for more.

good stuff! super funny.

funymony responds:

Thanks! <:

helllll yeahhhh

i like this a lot man. wonderful colors, music, and designs.

digsBot responds:

Yo dude! Appreicate it man! Yeah although it was short, I took a different route and focused more on the designs and color theme a lot.

this was hilarious and excellent.

this is cute! i'd love to see some longer stuff. animation's nice, although it could be a tad more expressive (i could work on this as well, so i'm not being a jerk, lol!) it just looks a little automated in some areas (i can tell in some areas of staging you're trying to avoid having to re-draw things entirely), especially in caleb's walk-away at the end. there's no bounce to it like a regular walk cycle would have, he just slides across the bottom of the screen. speaking of staging, it's actually quite nice here, a refreshing change of pace from usual stuff. character designs are cute and solid too, so i like. i'm looking forward to more from you!

CalebJordan360 responds:

Thank you! Also yeah I'm definitely trying to work on my characters being more expressive, along with small details like the bouncing when walking. Personally I'm not satisfied with my backgrounds...i really want to try and make them seem more alive, if you know what i mean...I mean i have a whole year to perfect these things but...i like your cartoons too btw :DD

i've been following your work for a while and i remember seeing this back on youtube! awesome work of course. love everything about it.

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