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damn. your design sense and color choices are insane. i also liked the lack of dialogue. nevermind. you know what. i like everything about this. you rock.

hey i really liked this! your animation is really strong and funny, and i liked the way you boarded a lot of it too. designs are really appealing and the writing was really good too. i love the ending. i saw you said you were going to do a 10-20 minute series... that's crazy ambitious! i've got an upcoming webseries i'm gonna make that i initially wanted to be 20 minutes, but after working on a 20-minute animation in progress right now (the first part of which is now on here)... it takes a lot out of you. if you wind up going the 20-minute route i will be your #1 supporter because that is badass and really ambitious. good stuff.

Scott-Falco responds:

When I do make those 20 min episodes I'll have a small team and a window bigger than a month

this was fucking great all-around. your colors are unbelievable. they're gorgeous. i was also really impressed by the staging. i'm sorry to hear you didn't get in - i let fear paralyze me from even applying back when i was interested in going to art school. but i hope all is well now (april 04 ... was a while ago? was that a mistake? sorry, this is the first of these i've seen). also, i've had baba o'reily in my head for the past MONTH so that was delightful.

also, A115! ha!

Raziberry responds:

Hey thanks for the kind words! For the record, A115 wasn't a reference to the famous A113 animation gag, all of my core classes at Sheridan were in the A-wing and actually had those numbers.

hell yeah. i remember seeing this earlier this year. this was great stuff. awesome everything.

some really hilarious poses in there, and even if it's a one-joke cartoon, it serves its purpose well. the only thing i could say is that the ending runs a little too long, explaining the joke. i could be misinterpreting it though. good stuff nonetheless.

hey this was great. charming, funny and adorable. animation was great too.

animation is great, soundtrack is great, and story is great. hits all the marks. good job.

animation is fun in places, but i'm not so sure if this was meant to be a satire, or whether "frank" is a representation of the writer's opinion. you say it's the characteristics of the roles, so i'm led to believe frank is a spoof of "guns are bad" liberals. nevertheless, even if it were a satire on that viewpoint, it seems muddled. i apologize if i seem harsh, because i want this to be constructive, but it feels like the story - whatever story there is - goes literally nowhere.

if this was a satire, i'm led to believe it could be done better.

hey, i enjoyed that. sounds like you had a great time! would love to meet him if i ever got the chance. i liked your storytelling and timing.

this was excellent, and ending was very clever.

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