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Howdy friends :)

We're officially three weeks from Halloween, and I've got good news to report! The next BROBOT episode is nearing the finish line! As of the past few days, I’ve finished the post-credits scene (the "tag") and more! Sounds like I’m basically done right? Ha ha ha… WRONG! Quite frankly, I’ve still got quite a bit of animation to go back and complete. I skipped several shots or left them unfinished in the interest of advancing the process. There’s at least 10-15 shots left in varying stages of completion, many of them quite difficult. I'm ready to tackle them head-on though, nqat... we’re almost there!!

In other areas of production, the audio mix is nearly finalized, though I’ve yet to add sound effects and a couple of other things. I’ve been having to go it alone music-wise, but I subscribed to an awesome site called motion array that has allowed me to move forward, since I’m no musician (yet... lol we'll see in the future). I’ve got a ‘60s flower power song for a Scooby-Doo parody montage I wrote lyrics to, so perhaps I'll lay down some vocals and Melodyne them as best i can :p haha. We’ll see. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I may leave it instrumental.

Those are the least of my worries though — it’s all about animation now! Thankfully, I've got the whole weekend and Monday off from my job so I’ve been putting in 10+ hours in at the cintiq. Thank god for Spotify lol.

I have to say, on a personal note, this process is really fulfilling to me right now. When I first starting making animations in 2012, I made a Halloween short but was unable to finish it in time for the holiday. Same with a Christmas-themed one two years later. The fact that this episode is nearly ready to go, with a week to ENJOY before Halloween, is emotionally completing some sort of arc for me. I really must thank my wonderful girlfriend who has stayed on me and given me encouragement throughout the whole production.

Here's a random shot for progress's sake. Some of it may not be perfect yet (highlights and stuff). I'll fix that soon.

See you in a little under two weeks!


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