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tylerghardin's News

Posted by tylerghardin - August 18th, 2014


hey there whoever's reading this i got an update for ya! the new animation is coming along and it should be done by the end of this week - woohoo!! unlike my last two animations, and much like the ones before that, i'm at the point in working on it where i'm going "holy shit this sucks this was a terrible idea." but hey - maybe by LIKING the last two, i jinxed myself, and that's why they didn't do well! (that's entirely irrational, but this is how my brain works). partially kidding, but i'm still excited to have something out. i really like the feeling of having something new out there. there was a time when i wasn't doing that and HOO BOY am i glad that's not now!

two years ago right now i had just come up with the idea for my first animation - and man, did it suck! glad i never posted it here. i'd have prob been ripped to shreds. haha. very glad i'm still hard at work on this journey and thank you newgrounds friends and anyone who has ever watched one of my animations for giving me a chance and your time. i hope i entertain you! 

i'm not quite sure what animation i'm going to do next. i have a backlog of ideas i can choose from (scripts, thoughts i can develop, etc) but the one thing i planned to work on may not work out. i had a short i started around november of last year and i've spent all year refining it and going back to it, but unfortunately now that it's time to begin animation on it, i feel like it's severely underdeveloped (even with a year of time spent). there are two things i can do: say fuck it and make it anyway and not "save my good ideas" (ian-jones quartey expanded upon this in a tumblr post) or just keep chipping away at it. i'd love for it to be rid of my mind forever but for some reason this story is special to me and i want to keep working at it. so here we are.

i've definitely got more plans for my animations looking at the fall, though. around november i'm gonna start on one and have it out around christmastime. ive been working on it for a year (script-wise) and i'm really excited for it. that one is for sure already ready to animate.

wow, this got long, i should stop. kudos if you're still reading. new animation will be out hopefully by friday! weeeee!


Posted by tylerghardin - July 25th, 2014

hey yall. a new short is in the works right now! i'm excited for it, it's looking good. might be a few more weeks but i really wanna get it done so hopefully it'll be up here soon. it's called sign language right now. i really hope newgrounds likes it. the last few haven't done so hot so maybe this'll make up for it. 

wooo! till next time,


Posted by tylerghardin - June 21st, 2014

i have a new animation coming soon. it's much shorter than the last, but i think it's kinda funny. it's just kind of a bridge to the next one i'm gonna begin working on right after it's done, just a quick joke. it'll be done monday if i can complete it by then.

i hope the fine folks of newgrounds find it amusing.

Posted by tylerghardin - June 6th, 2014

hey there!

the last animation i posted here didn't do so hot. i actually liked this animation before i put it out (as opposed to my usual "i hate this and i'm done with this" attitude) so maybe i jinxed myself. it didn't do as well other places either and i can't lie, it damaged spirits a bit. i want it to do well, you know? i've talked to friends who thought maybe it flopped because it wasn't as relatable as previous ones. i'd love some feedback so i can see what people might've felt did or didn't work. maybe it's just a slow season at newgrounds (lots of front page videos' views seem to be sorta down).

you win some, you lose some i suppose. the good news is that there's another animation in the pipeline and i expect it to be done as early as next week! i want something out before i'm gone for a week just because i want to have more stuff out, and i feel like i need to redeem myself since the last one bombed. haha. kidding (sorta). this animation has to do with one of my favorite-ever albums/musicians and what would happen if they caught me jerkin' it. makes no sense, i'm well aware. maybe i'm losing it. maybe i'm going crazy. nawww.

anyway, any feedback would be greatly appreciated! i like everyone here at newgrounds a whole lot and your suggestions and comments mean a lot to me (when they aren't trolls 1-starring things just because).

Posted by tylerghardin - May 29th, 2014

the animation is pretty much like 97% done. my deadline of tomorrow, however, isn't happening. i'm not very happy about it. there's a song in my animation and my friend dillon sent a temp track for it this weekend, with a finalized version to be created later this week. he has a tooth infection and can hardly open his mouth, so now i'm stuck. even if it's a one day delay, i'm still not happy, irrational as it sounds, but i suppose this cannot be helped. hopefully a saturday release will suffice. it's looking pretty good i think! i hope people like it.

also, i just noticed there's an animation tournament going on. i've been on newgrounds for a year and i still know very little about this place. i guess i probably could have done it, but oh well. this is definitely not an entry! i've been working on this for upward of a month and a half.

alrighty! see you (hopefully) saturday!

Posted by tylerghardin - May 15th, 2014

i lied! haha!

nah, it's okay, though. the animation's about 60-65% done right now, and i expect it to be done in about two weeks. i like it a lot, i feel like it's gonna be really good and funny and stuff. i think the animation on it is a lot better than the last, which is ALWAYS good! 

the cartoon is about the beach and lazy rivers and getting nude. as of right now, it's titled beach blanket break-in.

cool! alrighty. see you when i update it, anyone reading!

Posted by tylerghardin - March 29th, 2014

yoooo! hello!

i'm really pleased with the respose to guilty pleasure, thanks a lot for getting it front-paged and stuff! i really really like reviews so write as many as you can.

i've got like a million ideas (and scripts) for upcoming animations, some ready, some not. but the one i think i'm gonna work on has to do with the beach. it's gonna be pretty cool i think. i kinda can't wait to get it up here, which, if all goes well, should be in the next three weeks.

in the meantime, i wanna thank anyone who's like, "becoming a fan" of me on here (i'm still actually pretty new to newgrounds). i also wanna thank all of those who are subscribing and watching stuff on my youtube account! (shameless plug: http://www.youtube.com/tylerghardin). you are the unsung heroes. my youtube views pale in comparison to what i've received on newgrounds (awkward situation really blew me away, man) so i'd love to direct more stuff there.

not that i don't love newgrounds. my friend dillon first suggested i post here and i only did so the first time with a sneer, 'cause i had no idea what the site was about. there are very kind people here who are artists themselves and i very much appreciate anyone for taking the time out to sit down and watch something i made.

alrighty. see you in three weeks!


Posted by tylerghardin - March 17th, 2014

hey! it's been a while. anyway, i'm looking forward to completing my newest animation and if all goes as planned it should be up friday morning. the newgrounds reaction to the last one stunned me and i am extremely grateful for anyone that supported it. hopefully this one is funny, too. it's called guilty pleasure and it's about people being dicks about liking certain genres.