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tylerghardin's News

Posted by tylerghardin - June 20th, 2015

sorry for not having anything up in a while. i had trouble coming up with ideas for NATA and when i finally had one, it was too late. i made an animatic and everything, but lots of things weren't working: the story felt undercooked, the jokes fall flat, and i had too little time to animate it all in four days. basically it had to do with 10 amazing facts about summer music festivals, and it was set up as a parody of buzzfeed-type list videos that you see making the rounds on facebook and such.

the idea was to tell a story through the 10 amazing facts, so the main character leaves home for the festival without saying goodbye to his folks. and i thought it'd be funny if the main character had an existential crisis in the middle of partying. in doing so, he realizes the most important things in life are family blah blAH BLAH. pretty bad, right? i wanted an emotional core, but it felt so underdeveloped and i knew it. once i saw that animatic, it just wasn't playing right. so i shelved it.

i suppose in the past i enjoyed getting things done at the last minute (i.e., the "eleventh hour") but i guess i don't work that way anymore. just like i moved on from making comics up as i went along to scripting them in advance, i guess i'm moving to planning it all in advance. which is good. planning is necessary, and everything i've done that had a significant time to evolve (xmas short, brobot 2) i really loved. maybe i'm taking myself too seriously and i just need to put something out there. or maybe i just need to take some time, reflect, and let the next one come naturally.

anyway, i wanted to have something out for june, and i still hope to. we'll see what happens. it should be my last one before i embark on the brobot series, which is indeed still in the pipeline! 

as for me personally, i've been buzzing over the past 48 hours with love for inside out, pixar's newest movie (i've seen it twice already). as someone who has broken down over shit out of my control very recently, i feel very related to the feelings of riley when she just [SPOILER] lets it out toward the end to her parents. her voice acting and animation in that scene just capture it (it's worth noting i heard sobs and gasps throughout this movie, even from a small audience at 10:45). her parents look at each other and move in to hug their daughter, her father admitting that he too misses where they used to live. and then joy touches the memory of riley crying in class and changes everything. and then it very quietly turns to this shot of riley just buried in her parents, and she makes this aching sound - this sound of relief, of catharsis - and it just deeply moves me. it gives me chills just thinking about it.

idk, im rambling, i just really liked the movie (as i've liked all of docter's movies). i want to see it again already, bad. it's so good.

ok. that's enough out of me.

Posted by tylerghardin - May 23rd, 2015

sorry for the absence this month! it's been a bit of a strange time. but i hope to have an animation out for june for sure. then after that it's brobot: the series time. i am excited for that!

see you soon hopefully!

Posted by tylerghardin - April 26th, 2015

guys, i have nothing. i already regret this post. but i have no ideas. i mean, i do, i have a huge backlog of completed scripts/unrealized ideas in my idea folder, but i don't want to do any of them. many of them are too old, outdated, don't fit anymore, etc. i have nothing going on right now. i wish i could appear as though i'm working, but i haven't animated since i finished the paperboy. i get it, i shouldn't force it, but i haven't had a lull between animations since... awkward situation. which was nearly two years ago. i don't know how to handle it.

speaking of paperboy, i'm sorry for it. i don't like that short, at all. i've had animations that aren't my favorites, but paperboy takes the cake. it's the worst representation of my work. it's cool i won the competition, but i'm flat-out embarrassed by it now. it doesn't feel like a part of my "canon," pretentious as it may sound. i've never made an animation so quickly, i didn't have time to process it. it weirds me out a little. i have some folks who loooved the paperboy, and more who didn't. so at least we're on the same page.

i don't know what comes next. i know i posted about weird al, but... i don't want to do that. xmas short burned me out on super-long animations, and i don't want to bend over backwards like that again. i have an idea of what i want my next short to LOOK like (i'm hoping for deeper backgrounds and better animation) but no real idea. it's so odd.

i'm working some on brobot the series, got some cool new ideas, better picture of the story/characters. that's a little ways off, though. i'm hoping to start working on it later in the summer and release all 10-13 eps (not sure on how many yet) early next year.

i don't know, weird time right now.


Posted by tylerghardin - April 15th, 2015

i've been trying to pick my next thing to work on. paperboy and brobot 2 were both very positive, production-wise. and today, i popped on some weird al and turned it to jackson park express, my favorite song on his new album (and among my favorites ever of his). and i have a large textedit doc of ideas for a potential jackson music video. i think it could be amazing. i'm just terrified of making it, because i know it could get seen more than anything i've done thus far (considering its subject), and i'm... not the best animator. i'm really just a writer. and this will have no dialogue! so... i've gotta carry this song with my shitty drawings!

but then i think back to numerous other things i've done, like my first short ever, and how i almost put it off for a whole year to allow myself to get better at drawing. that would have been terrible. while it might have been better with strong drawings, it was going to suck anyway because it was my first. i needed to make that short, regardless of my abilities at the time, just to show i could make something and finish it. it sucks, but i MADE it, and i'm proud of it. and if i wait too long, someone else will do a video for this. or the moment will be gone. he's on tour now, the album is still recent. 

then again, i look at videos in the past done by some animators for him and they looked downright atrocious IMO. so maybe i'm okay. i just need to shut the fuck up and make this thing. so ... no concrete word yet, but my next project might be weird al.

Posted by tylerghardin - April 13th, 2015

hello! my short the paperboy made front page and became my first daily feature! thank you so much.

it was inspired by a myriad of things! in high school i was so excited to take a girl to the local fair that year but my mom had signed me up for a drivers ed after school class that was designed to lower our insurance. we had to watch these unintentionally hilarious instructional films on how to drive (and i was expecting something outdated, like a VHS. he pulled out a film projector. it was 2009). upon my reminiscence of that, i looked up old 40s-50s instructional films from coronet or sid davis. i started thinking about how unrealistic their portrayal of the times were, and how my favorite media, like back to the future, portrays those times more honestly (lorraine WANTS to park with a boy and WANTS to drink). 

those types of films were parodied in lots of my favorite things, like the simpsons ("hi, i’m troy mcclure..."), the work of trey parker/matt stone (look up your studio and you), and in the iron giant (time to duck and cover!) so i imagined i should put my spin! in keeping with the thinking that the 1950s weren’t as pleasant as they seemed, i took it a step farther, making johnny be the most fucked-up individual possible. it was made for the mobile bay film scramble, a badass local competition i intend to do more often in the future. i struggled to come up with an idea for this one, and in the end i only completed it in two days before the deadline. the last film i did for the comp was surrealist life and that was made in seven days. despite the less time, the making of this one was much more pleasant. i cut down on animation pretty hard, as you can see.

it definitely sounded funny on paper, but i feel like the final product overextends the joke. it’s gotta be the short i’m least proud of. my biggest beef with it is that there’s no discernible story or emotional core to it all. it’s just jokes. i don’t operate that way much anymore, so it doesn’t totally sit right with me. but people really seem to like it on newgrounds and it got a positive response at the screening on friday so i suppose i’m alright with it. it won the top prize over WAAAAY more deserving films (that you can see here… i particularly loved the lord’s work and space shark). anyway, i’ll work harder next time for a fresher idea.

ok, that’s enough. here’s a great photo i found on twitter. i certainly felt this way making paperboy. i had MULTIPLE dark nights of the soul!


Posted by tylerghardin - April 8th, 2015

film scramble short gets screened this fri and itll be up on NG after that. or before. idk. it's done now. i could do it now. probably not though. ok. anyway. new short in a few days!

Posted by tylerghardin - March 28th, 2015

hey everyone!!! my new short, brobot 2, is out.

brobot 2’s history may be longer than you think. the original brobot short was written in late 2012, and it came out in feb. 2013. i hated it, and wanted nothing to do with it in the end. i found out last year i’d never uploaded it to newgrounds, and when i did, i was bombarded with criticism on the animation. tired of explaining it was a two-year-old cartoon, i took it down, but not before getting a comment from @cyberdevil, who jokingly suggested more brobot adventures. it kinda struck me as a funny idea, to continue the sitcom-parody ending of the original (brobot goes to college!). so i wrote it last november, made an animatic on christmas eve, and started working on it after i completed the christmas short on valentine’s day! and now it is here.

i was planning a whole animated series, sparks, for 2015, but it’s too underdeveloped at this point. this sounds crazy when you think it’s been popping up in my head in incarnations since 2008. aside from it being too underdeveloped, character-wise, it’s also a little too similar to the setting of gravity falls: small-town in a valley, strange things afoot. which is funny because ideas for it have been in my head since i was a ninth grader, long before gravity falls premiered, but that doesn’t matter. i adore gravity falls (it’s pretty much slid into my no. 2 spot of fav. animated show ever, behind simpsons) and i’d hate to look like a rip-off. especially sense my tone, sense of humor, and even character design is heavily indebted to the simpsons, and… so is gravity falls, haha.

so now what? back in january, me and dillon were joking of a brobot series on the phone. it quickly developed into a humongous textedit document of assorted details, characters, backstories, bits of dialogue, episode ideas, and more. already, in one night, it was more ready-to-go than sparks, and the ideas are fresher. i want to take some more time to develop a series bible for me to keep going back to, really flesh out the characters more, design them better, and of course, my favorite part, writing each episode like five times. after that, i’ll get to work on a 10-episode first season (and perhaps only season). i really liked how ben levin spread out his recent web series, doris and mary-anne are breaking out of prison, into a 10-week thing. it’s gonna suck having stuff done and nothing to share, but i imagine it will ALL be worth it for 10 consecutive weeks of brobot hilarity. like, a year from now.

i guess i have @cyberdevil to thank for all of this. haha. my next short [should] be up in about two weeks - and this i can confirm. i'm participating in the mobile bay film scramble and the screening is in two weeks! yikes! i don't even have an idea yet. ahhhhh!

alright i’m out! hope you enjoy the cartoon!


Posted by tylerghardin - March 22nd, 2015

yo yo yo! i know what you're thinking:

"tyler, who do you think you are promising brobot "soon" and then it taking a while!"

"tyler, your *enormous* fanbase is BEGGING for a new cartoon! where's it at??"

"tyler, have you ever tried americone dream ice cream? isn't it awesome??"

yes. yes it is. it's time for a short little update! woo-hoo!

so yeah, as you know, animation always takes longer than i ever imagined. i'm not using the models as heavily on this short (turns out, going off-model is actually GOOD!), and consequenly, it's taking longer. it'll be worth it though. i still somehow like this short. liking it will be my doom, because i'm an artist and should hate it while i'm making it. and i do! i wish it were done. but nevertheless, i still giggle at the concept and genuinely enjoy the short so far, so it's been a blast. i haven't had so much fun working on a short in a while. i'm a little over 50% done, though, so expect brobot in the not too distant future.

how am i doing? pretty good. i'm really into tv right now. anyone reading should watch last man on earth and unbreakable kimmy schmidt. LMOE is a little slow but it's building, but kimmy schmidt is flat-out HILARIOUS from the first episode. go check it outttttt!!!

in other news, today's march 22, it's the one-year anniversary of guilty pleasure! hooray! i am at peace with that short. i don't actually like it, but LOTS of newgrounds folks did, so what do i know!

alright bye! excited to have something new to put up here soon!


Posted by tylerghardin - March 2nd, 2015

hi all! production on brobot 2's moving swiftly. i love this concept and am enjoying working on it. typically, i work so hard on shorts like these i end up hating them before moving on to just accepting them. i'm sure brobot will end up this way too before it's over. but for now, i'm having the most fun on it i've had since beach blanket break-in last spring (which i remember being just a breeze)! brobot's bright, funny, quick, kinda like that one. it'll clock in at 4 minutes, longer than it maybe should be, but yeah. i think the title will be 'brobot 2: college lyfe'.

i was trying to remember when this idea came to life and it was actually inspired by a newgrounds commenter! i'd uploaded the old, original brobot short to the site (which i later took down because, well, it was pain to explain to every commenter it was two years old). but one was positive, and kinda sparked the whole thing:


how dope is that! thanks @Cyberdevil!

anyway. here's a screenshot of brobot's dorm room. lots of fun college stoner easter eggs, plus his clothing from the original!


brobot 2 is currently set for middle of the month. you know how these things go.

alrighty see ya soon!



Posted by tylerghardin - February 18th, 2015

thanks for the frontpage! it's really awesome that the higher-ups at newgrounds seem to have my back or something. i always put out something new on the same day one of the big guys (1,000+ fans) puts something out. i can never compete, but newgrounds always seems to give me a chance, so thank you.

what's next: brobot 2. started working on it earlier this week. aiming for end of the month/early march. here's a bit from the script!:


so that is that. i'm not quite sure what comes after that. sparks isn't ready to lift off, and i just don't have the energy to animate something ten minutes long again so the weird al video's on the backburner for now. i have an idea for a brobot-centric series, too, that shows promise, so i may get on that. but i don't wanna follow brobot with brobot. and i also don't want to go back to tyler/dillon characters. this is the first time in a while i've been scratching my head as to what comes after a current production, but i'll figure it out. maybe something new entirely. maybe even a slice of life cartoon like awkward situation, who cares! why not.

thanks for watching and reading if you are, see ya soon!