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tylerghardin's News

Posted by tylerghardin - January 8th, 2016

hey yall. i got some new stuff cookin up for the new year. i'm currently revising a lot of what i had for brobot (long story short: an existential crisis later and here i am, re-doing everything), so that may or may not affect the dates i had set for it, later this year. i got kinda freaked when the first ep wasn't playing as well as i'd hoped so i just ditched it all and i'm in the early stages of changing a lot of stuff. it's still on the calendar though. i signed up for the film scramble on wednesday so hopefully you'll see something cool from me in the next few weeks. i certainly hope so. i'm ready to get some new stuff done, mostly to see how i've grown and just to have some fun again. i want to make a new comic too sometime in this next month.

thanks to anyone following me! i appreciate it immensely. i know i haven't had much to show but i will. thank you again. here's hoping that 2016 is really really cool to everyone.

Posted by tylerghardin - December 3rd, 2015

hello! here’s a new update on brobot. the animatic for 1x01 is finished and the really heavy lifting starts now. i’m finalizing for real this time a couple of unfinished character designs, make up a few model sheets, and then’s it on. i’m hoping to have animation completed for 1x01 by late january, though no one will see it until august, when i’m planning on putting it out. concurrently, i’ll be finishing 1x02 and 1x03’s final drafts and beginning first drafts for 1x04 and 1x05. i’d like to put out another comic again too. so lots of stuff! 1x01 has been just a beast to even finish the animatic for, but other episodes seem to come quicker. so maybe i can complete it by my deadline after all! anyways. that’s what up with me.

Posted by tylerghardin - November 4th, 2015


hi all! you can buy my new (and first) minicomic starting today over on my gumroad. it’s bad and shitty and doesn’t even represent me anymore but it is something i made and there it is. i decided to put it online before i super hate it. i hope my self-conscious/passive-aggressive rambling there convinces you to buy it. i don’t know if physical copies will be around, as i can’t really justify people paying shipping on something so small but if anyone is really into that i’ll make some more! i hope to make some more minicomics, many that are much funnier and less rambly and lame, in the near future.

here’s an update on brobot, which is chugging along! things were sluggish for most of october due to reasons out of my control, but here’s great news: i finished recording everyones’ lines for 1x01’s soundtrack last friday, and the soundtrack was completed on saturday morning (sans final music/sound fx, of course). i begin the board this week, and after that, it should be animating time! i think i need to finalize some character designs but for the most part, everything is ready to go. 1x02′s story hasn’t been cracked yet, so it’s behind 1x03! haha. on sunday evening, we knocked out the story outline for 1x03 entirely and a first draft was done within an hour or two… it took much less time than the pilot, though i imagine we (read: me) just overthought that one. perhaps we’re just getting better at breaking stories, which is nice… though that first draft is still a tad too long! still, cool to have almost three completed scripts.

but yup. i realize i don’t post a whole lot right now, but trust me, i’m alive and making stuff… just stuff that takes more time than what i’ve done in the past. it’ll all be worth it when it’s done for sure. i know i said i’d put brobot out weekly next summer, but now i’m thinking it may be wiser to put them out monthly beginning in august ‘16 because i’ve got several episodes that are seasonal. example: 1x03′s a halloween show and, well, it’d be up in october. as always, the plans are ever-changing. i’ll try and post more stuff on here (comics and such, i’d like to do a short one-off animation at some point because i hate paperboy being my most recent short) because i don’t want people thinking i just stopped making stuff. ok. that’s enough.

preview image of that comic:


Posted by tylerghardin - September 6th, 2015

hi all! i know it seems like my last post wasn't so long ago but i wanna add in a little update on the brobot series.

for the past several weeks, hell, maybe much of the summer, i was a little (read: immensely) upset because brobot wasn't coming together as i wanted it. in my conversations with dillon (who's co-developer on the show), he thought i should really push for sci-fi in the series, as brobot's a robot and the backstories we've crafted suit it well. i was like nooo, we can't, because i wanted something very grounded and realistic. as i worked on 1x01's script i only got more and more depressed because it felt so dry, the conflict was nearly nonexistent and cheap, and my jokes weren't good and were so predictable and bad (atypical of first drafts, but you know how i get if you've read these posts). i just kinda get myself into these times where i get so far into what i'm doing i have trouble working in it. i tend to procrastinate more. my ideas aren't as fresh.

this all kinda happened as rick and morty season two premiered. i liked the first season a lot but season two has just blown my mind, in a very real way. i've watched episodes with my mouth just agape in wonder. it is so unbelievably good (total rickall's my fav so far, but i liked a rickle in time a lot too). i've seriously just watched it almost every night (thanks animeflavor/putlocker/any streaming site!). i could feel it impacting me and inspiring me each time i watched it. so i started to warm up to the idea of sci-fi... but a softer type of sci-fi. more conversations ensued and last week, we finally really cracked the whole series. we've got a hook to it all, the characters are better defined, and so on. 1x01's storyline now has a great conflict to it, an interesting (i think) sci-fi component, and a fairly grounded emotional core -- and it has to do with weed! brobot smoking pot won't be a huge thing in the series (it'll be there for sure, but it's more than one-note), but i wanted to make the pilot reference the shorts a bit so i like it. i'm sure there is more to do, of course, but the brunt of the developing is done, i think. pre-production is about over. 1x01's first draft (or second, i guess) should be together this week and after a few more drafts i'll get to the animatin'.

i've been reading a lot of community scripts and i intend to try and punch up my scripts to the level i feel comfortable working on it at. i don't think there's really room to be as perfectionist as i've been in the past about it if i'm producing 10 episodes. if i want it to be like television, which is my goal, it will be like television. which means i'm very likely gonna make myself deadlines and shit. not all tv can be perfect and it has an off day, so i'm prepared for that. not that i'm aiming to just give up and go "oh well, it's good enough," network sitcom-style. i'm definitely planning to give each episode my all. but i think i've developed a more realistic outlook on just how this is going to come together. (all of the preceding paragraph written by a man who has yet to start animation yet and enter the highs and lows of that process)

ok. hopefully by the time i update yall next i might be animating. that is the goal. i'm very happy with the way things are going!!

Posted by tylerghardin - August 22nd, 2015

hello, here's an update on the brobot series!

i'm finally kinda seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as far as planning the whole shabang. i've solidifed a lot of characters, locations, back stories, history, all that fun stuff. while i like worldbuilding, i think i like just writing scripts for characters more. i got so fed up with having slow progress as of late i just started writing episode 1x01 of brobot. and you know what? the characters are telling me who they are. i just need to start instead of dicking around, trying to make the world perfect, and just go. and i am! i should finish the first draft of it this week. 

my goal is to finish writing episode one next month and start designing characters then as well. then, it might actually be time... time to animate the first one. i haven't animated in forever, so i'm a bit scared haha! i'm really looking forward to the five-minute runtime. i hate to refer to christmas short so much but i hated every second of it because it just felt like i was getting nowhere. it was a gigantic mountain and i had so much to do on it and no one could see it. on this, i'll at least be finishing little stories and moving on to the next. who knows, i might put out a preview clip or something one day.

that is, of course, all in the near future. i am still working on episode one and somewhat on the worldbuilding. i can say this, though -- brobot is shaping up to be a combination of my old series idea i had, sparks, and the initial brobot series idea. have i talked at all about what the series will be like?? i can give some of that away. brobot as a series will obviously follow brobot, the pot-smoking robot. this time, though, he's 15 and going to high school with jason. he also has another friend, milo, and finds himself stumbling over the new girl in school. throughout the series (which, btw, i have entirely plotted season 1 out!!!), we'll meet the alcoholic school prinicpal, the shady mayor, the kind but naive arts teacher, brobot's sweet mom, and jason's dumbass dad. i'm really really looking forward to it all. 

okay, thats enough. hope to update with more progress come september!

Posted by tylerghardin - July 18th, 2015

yo yo yo!

hello, here is a post on what has been up with me! it may be obvious, if you're interested in what i do, that i haven't had much out publicly in the past, what, three months or so. there are lots of reasons for that. the simplest one is that i honest to god haven't had any ideas. which is okay, i suppose. i think i've reached a point in doing these where i feel a little bored of short subject films and it is time for another change! this is why, grand reveal, exciting moment:

i've been in pre-production on the brobot series! that's right, workin' on the bible for it all and the history behind its world and the characters and the backstories and even rough episode ideas. it is awesome. i read the freaks and geeks bible and how overly detailed it is and this will be like that. a lot to smush into 10 five-minute episodes, though i've been learning some tips on exposition and how to cut unnecessary things and tell a story better. now just to make it funnier lol. i hope brobot will be out summer 2016 (man, that is a long hiatus for me. but trust me, i am working). i plan to premiere them weekly. MAYBE ill have something in between that time but i highly doubt it. this season will take up all of my free time for the forseeable future, which i am both very excited for and slightly dreading. i suppose finishing episodes will feel nice. i imagine the arduous production of the xmas short was because it felt like i was getting nowhere, like the end was so far away. with these, i'll be completing little short stories (with character development! and better jokes! and heart!) and i think that will make me feel not worthless and stuff.

outside of my animations, i worked on a live-action project that fell apart and shall never see the light of day. also, i have FINALLY been working on comics again (for the first time since, literally, probably 2010...it feels so overdue, it's amazing relief). they are very, very bad. this is why you are seeing none of them. but i can actually feel myself getting better, learning the format again and more about it, and it is so fun. i hope to have some longer-form ones out this autumn that i can compile into my first mini, which i'll sell online (prob just physical only, though all those comics will likely be online lol). 

ok. congrats if you got through that. i hope to update more on work on brobot as i continue with it. hope everyone sticks around and joins me on this big ol journey. i think it's gonna be great.

Posted by tylerghardin - June 20th, 2015

sorry for not having anything up in a while. i had trouble coming up with ideas for NATA and when i finally had one, it was too late. i made an animatic and everything, but lots of things weren't working: the story felt undercooked, the jokes fall flat, and i had too little time to animate it all in four days. basically it had to do with 10 amazing facts about summer music festivals, and it was set up as a parody of buzzfeed-type list videos that you see making the rounds on facebook and such.

the idea was to tell a story through the 10 amazing facts, so the main character leaves home for the festival without saying goodbye to his folks. and i thought it'd be funny if the main character had an existential crisis in the middle of partying. in doing so, he realizes the most important things in life are family blah blAH BLAH. pretty bad, right? i wanted an emotional core, but it felt so underdeveloped and i knew it. once i saw that animatic, it just wasn't playing right. so i shelved it.

i suppose in the past i enjoyed getting things done at the last minute (i.e., the "eleventh hour") but i guess i don't work that way anymore. just like i moved on from making comics up as i went along to scripting them in advance, i guess i'm moving to planning it all in advance. which is good. planning is necessary, and everything i've done that had a significant time to evolve (xmas short, brobot 2) i really loved. maybe i'm taking myself too seriously and i just need to put something out there. or maybe i just need to take some time, reflect, and let the next one come naturally.

anyway, i wanted to have something out for june, and i still hope to. we'll see what happens. it should be my last one before i embark on the brobot series, which is indeed still in the pipeline! 

as for me personally, i've been buzzing over the past 48 hours with love for inside out, pixar's newest movie (i've seen it twice already). as someone who has broken down over shit out of my control very recently, i feel very related to the feelings of riley when she just [SPOILER] lets it out toward the end to her parents. her voice acting and animation in that scene just capture it (it's worth noting i heard sobs and gasps throughout this movie, even from a small audience at 10:45). her parents look at each other and move in to hug their daughter, her father admitting that he too misses where they used to live. and then joy touches the memory of riley crying in class and changes everything. and then it very quietly turns to this shot of riley just buried in her parents, and she makes this aching sound - this sound of relief, of catharsis - and it just deeply moves me. it gives me chills just thinking about it.

idk, im rambling, i just really liked the movie (as i've liked all of docter's movies). i want to see it again already, bad. it's so good.

ok. that's enough out of me.

Posted by tylerghardin - May 23rd, 2015

sorry for the absence this month! it's been a bit of a strange time. but i hope to have an animation out for june for sure. then after that it's brobot: the series time. i am excited for that!

see you soon hopefully!

Posted by tylerghardin - April 26th, 2015

guys, i have nothing. i already regret this post. but i have no ideas. i mean, i do, i have a huge backlog of completed scripts/unrealized ideas in my idea folder, but i don't want to do any of them. many of them are too old, outdated, don't fit anymore, etc. i have nothing going on right now. i wish i could appear as though i'm working, but i haven't animated since i finished the paperboy. i get it, i shouldn't force it, but i haven't had a lull between animations since... awkward situation. which was nearly two years ago. i don't know how to handle it.

speaking of paperboy, i'm sorry for it. i don't like that short, at all. i've had animations that aren't my favorites, but paperboy takes the cake. it's the worst representation of my work. it's cool i won the competition, but i'm flat-out embarrassed by it now. it doesn't feel like a part of my "canon," pretentious as it may sound. i've never made an animation so quickly, i didn't have time to process it. it weirds me out a little. i have some folks who loooved the paperboy, and more who didn't. so at least we're on the same page.

i don't know what comes next. i know i posted about weird al, but... i don't want to do that. xmas short burned me out on super-long animations, and i don't want to bend over backwards like that again. i have an idea of what i want my next short to LOOK like (i'm hoping for deeper backgrounds and better animation) but no real idea. it's so odd.

i'm working some on brobot the series, got some cool new ideas, better picture of the story/characters. that's a little ways off, though. i'm hoping to start working on it later in the summer and release all 10-13 eps (not sure on how many yet) early next year.

i don't know, weird time right now.


Posted by tylerghardin - April 15th, 2015

i've been trying to pick my next thing to work on. paperboy and brobot 2 were both very positive, production-wise. and today, i popped on some weird al and turned it to jackson park express, my favorite song on his new album (and among my favorites ever of his). and i have a large textedit doc of ideas for a potential jackson music video. i think it could be amazing. i'm just terrified of making it, because i know it could get seen more than anything i've done thus far (considering its subject), and i'm... not the best animator. i'm really just a writer. and this will have no dialogue! so... i've gotta carry this song with my shitty drawings!

but then i think back to numerous other things i've done, like my first short ever, and how i almost put it off for a whole year to allow myself to get better at drawing. that would have been terrible. while it might have been better with strong drawings, it was going to suck anyway because it was my first. i needed to make that short, regardless of my abilities at the time, just to show i could make something and finish it. it sucks, but i MADE it, and i'm proud of it. and if i wait too long, someone else will do a video for this. or the moment will be gone. he's on tour now, the album is still recent. 

then again, i look at videos in the past done by some animators for him and they looked downright atrocious IMO. so maybe i'm okay. i just need to shut the fuck up and make this thing. so ... no concrete word yet, but my next project might be weird al.