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tylerghardin's News

Posted by tylerghardin - October 19th, 2016

lol TLDR: brobot is coming but you know how long this shit takes!

okay. so i'm not gonna waste your time. but i'm still chipping away at brobot. i'm doing well on animation, i've got about a quarter left to complete, maybe a lil less. i've gotta re-record a couple things and fix a few animation errors but after that it should be good to go. i'm sorry it's taking so long (for all the people just avidly awaiting it, which i know number in the thousands!) lol but anyway. i'm really happy with it, it's just taking a lot longer than most of my stuff. trust me, i am working. i'll release a promo in the coming weeks.

in the meantime, i got my comics into a couple local shops. you can now find issues of something anything at criminal records in atlanta and bizarro-wuxtry in athens, georgia! i'm working on getting them into a couple stores around the southeast. it's really cool, i've never done this before, so it's pretty thrilling. after episode one of brobot is done (hopefully before december arrives), i want to make a new issue of something anything (#3) for christmastime! lots of things have gone pretty well for me in these past few months so i want to make some comics about it. here's the photos on the shelf at wuxtry:

4518837_147691795932_CuwwxEqW8AEsetS.jpgalrighty! see you in another month... i want to have more compelted then!!!!! but you know how this shit goes

oh! also! you can get those comics now in physical form from my gumroad too, as well as a digital copy (if you buy a physical, i'll just email you the digital!)

Posted by tylerghardin - September 1st, 2016

brobot ep 1 is coming along! i won't tell you where i'm at, but i'm almost halfway through. THIS is gonna sound crazy, considering my progress so far, but my hope is to finish it within the next month. with work and other stuff i haven't devoted every bit of free time to animating the episode, but september is the month of going hard on it. i've made a lot of progress in short amounts of time before -- xmas short, paperboy. the difference is this short looks better than any of those and takes more time. but my idea is that by the end of this month this episode will be nearing completion... hopefully looking at a mid-october release date.

in the last month, i've faced a lot of challenges regarding a scene i had to entirely re-do. well, i mean, i hadn't animated it yet, but the way i boarded it was, like... it was a handful. you'd probably think i'm crazy if i explained it. basically the original joke wasn't funny, so when i re-boarded it in july, i took it out and re-wrote it some. then i realized that didn't properly introduce the setting, which the next (admittedly only slightly funnier) joke kinda relied on, so the viewer'd be left wondering "i don't get it. where are we?" so it was a mess. but i fixed it. 

the good news (ay, yall heard about the good news? yall sleepin on your boy, had a good SNOOOOOOZE) is that pretty much every new thing that has to be designed has been designed -- character turnarounds, fire, house interiors, wormholes/portals. all of which can be reused throughout the rest of the episode. except i recently re-wrote the tag for the episode so i've gotta kinda-sorta re-board and re-voice that, but that should come easily... it's not too different than it was. i'm really excited with how the episode is turning out and my friend dillon (kingdarkeyes) has recently begun working on the music in earnest for it. and i'm beginning to re-write drafts of the next few episodes, which will hopefully be shorter and i can release them faster. the idea is i want to go back to mobile to re-record some friends' lines in the next month or two and then i'll get the soundtrack for episode 2 done then too. so hopefully i can begin animating on that before fall's over. i don't like waiting so long :( lol

i'll also be releasing a preview clip on my facebook and twitters before it's out so be on the lookout for that if you wanna! here's a screenshot of a shot i recently completed. onto september, pray for me dawgs that i complete all this shit SOON!


Posted by tylerghardin - July 30th, 2016

yo everyone! so last you heard i was reviving brobot. well, he's officially risen from the dead -- in fact, i've got nearly 2 minutes of animation complete on the first episode! hooray! :)

in between the time i made that post and now, i had to re-write certain scenes, re-voice them and re-board them, make a new animatic, and then make (as of right now) six character turnarounds. then i got to work on july 7 in earnest animating, and i've completed almost two minutes since. i'd say that's actually really good progress for me. i'm proud of the work i'm doing. i'm really enjoying brobot being a thing again... it feels so good to animate this character, and feels even better to see scenes fully realized. it's just way too long. want to know how long? (i hinted at this on my twitter feed) it..... clocks in at 7:42 in the animatic *vomits*. but the good news is i'm making a dent in that runtime and it's actually watchable for the first time. 

my absolute dream is to have this episode done and out in early september. i have another episode that's... okay right now lol in terms of its script that i'd need to make another pass on before it's ready to be boarded. and i really, really want that one out shortly before the election. it's such a bummer because brobot's first season spans the entire school year and changes with the seasons and stuff, and had i been able to not have a breakdown and quit it last year, we'd be on schedule. so, assuming nothing weird happens between now and next year, you'll be getting an episode set in the snow in, like, april probably :( lol

but, what matters is it's being made. and it will get done. i'm just so... at peace now, making this. i run into little things here and again where i face challenges with this episode (i.e., bad jokes), but i just have to remind myself that it's just the first episode, things will get better, what's most important is that it gets finished and we move on... because if we don't, nothing will ever get made anyway. i am the only one doing this.

okay! hopefully i have another update for you next month where i'm 4 minutes in! hopefully not actually... i need to be further along in it if i want it out in september...

okay bye bye!

Posted by tylerghardin - June 29th, 2016

hi all! so i'm getting back started reviving something i shelved awhile back. you already know what it is. i'm an exhausting person to deal with, am i not?

i should begin animating the first brobot episode -- an early animatic of which was formerly online -- by the end of this week. gotta finish recording extra dialogue/re-boarding some sections. i've written some new things into it and i like it more. i guess it started with me being interested in the robot theme currently going for the anim tournament. i thought, "oh, i should bring brobot back." then i got into writing a first draft of an episode idea that wasn't completed last fall -- brobot running for class president -- and i started thinking "ok, maybe this can be the first episode... maybe i'll do this again..." then i took a look at the animatic for the original pilot i had and realized it wasn't so bad. in fact, it was pretty good. i was just really hard on myself. so i'm back to the original plan i guess haha :) ...

i'm really excited to get into it, my entire perspective this time around is different. it just feels fresh and fun now, it's been a really positive thing for me. i'm trying not to take it so seriously and not forget to have fun. i don't know. maybe i'm just fucking crazy. i'm just really excited to start animating on it and beginning to see progress on something i really love. my goal is to have it out in early august, but we'll see how that goes. idk. i feel good!

here's what brobot will look like. :) see you soon!


Posted by tylerghardin - June 9th, 2016

hey everybody! i have a new issue of my comic, something anything, out! go get it, it's free (if you'd like). link: https://gum.co/WSFNN

im thinking about participating in that upcoming newgrounds animation tournament (which, as i understand it, is not NATA? something? idk) either way, i want something new to make before i embark on a bigger animation, so that could be good. although the round two theme, robot, seems oddly perfect for a character i could bring back...

we'll see! hope to keep you posted. here's a panel from that comic:


Posted by tylerghardin - May 26th, 2016

hello!!! i have something new out, holy fucking shit!!!! and it isnt very good IMO but that doesnt matter because i made something! hooray!!

so new phone was based on something that happened. it’s just as i described/exaggerated. i was at best buy last christmastime i think, and the teenage cashier started basically mocking me for having an old iphone. it was my old iphone 4, which i had from dec 2011 to this april. which is a long time, sure. but... people care about that? anyway, i got a new one, started thinking about that interaction, was completely and utterly desperate to make something new and at the end of my rope, so i wrote down a little script and tried to make it as entertaining as i could. it's taken me over a month to finish it, because my computer had to get repaired. but now it's here, and as underwhelming as ever! (haha. but really, let's hope these get better)

im really happy to have something out yall. or, to just have fully completed something. you have no idea. the inner turmoil in the past year (mostly hiding under the covers listening to pet sounds). anyway. i've got a little script and lots of ideas for my next one, and i'm steadily trying to pump out even more ideas/potential shorts. hopefully you will see some more new stuff from me, including a new comic, in the very near future.

thank you to anyone still following me, and friends and fans that haven't lost faith. i really have some of the best. thank you.


Posted by tylerghardin - May 24th, 2016

short's done! will be coming out either tomorrow or friday -- probably the latter as i've still got to finish the comic. alright! cool!

Posted by tylerghardin - May 18th, 2016

got my laptop back so i'm aiming for next friday on the short. also, i might put out a new minicomic that day as well. who knows. hope i make it in time!

Posted by tylerghardin - May 12th, 2016

hello all! and by all, i mean the one or two people (at best) that haven't tuned out/considered me a lost cause or failure! you might've seen my last post. cool! the new short, new phone, is still on the schedule. in fact, it'll still be here in may. but, uhhh, my computer had some issues, so now its in the shop. sucks, right? yeah. i'm not happy about it, but at least it won't cost any money really. what really bums me out is i've lost a week (hopefully only that) of animation time. but when i get that thing back next week you can bet i will jump headfirst into finishing that thing. gosh i hate not being able to finish it right NOW. i almost want to go crazy on the next short to complete it faster. blech!

anyway, that's my story. i heard some really cool advice earlier to keep your head down and keep working on your shit and never care what others think which really hits home to me right now. here's some music i've been into:


alrighty have a good day!

Posted by tylerghardin - April 29th, 2016

hey all! been a long time. i have good news, but i'll save that for the end. let me update the world on what's been going on.

as you may all notice, there has literally been zero completed work from me in over a year now, besides that minicomic from last fall. this was not necessarily what i intended. here's my summary of the past year: when i completed paperboy in april 2015, i was somewhat burnt out, so i stopped for a little bit. though i'd hoped to make a few more shorts in the summertime, they did not wind up working out. afterwards, i decided to get into working on brobot, which was basically a series version of the shorts i had made. i had much of the 10 episodes planned, at least three outlined, and two fully written. the pilot episode, which was an ordeal, got to the animatic stage when i realized it wasn't good enough.

by that point, i'd exhausted months on brobot. i was obsessed with making it perfect and when i finally faced the facts that it would need re-developing, again, i was kinda devastated. moreover, i had to understand that i am not to the level i hoped to be when making something so big. then it got really, really dark for a few months. i had no projects going on, besides my personal autobio comics. i became scared to show my work, or half the time even think about it. i shelved brobot for another time. it's more important to focus on making more shorts anyway, because that was creating something new/learning something every single time. and it keeps my output consistent. i really do intend to re-approach brobot at some point, perhaps even later this year, but i had to stop it. and that hurt too.

earlier this month, i finally started writing a new short. i'm currently 60% through with animating it. it's called new phone, and if you ask me, it's just okay. i know artists aren't supposed to down their own work. but, you know. it's certainly a little difficult to hop back into it but i can't describe how happy i am that i am working again. even if this isn't good in my opinion, it doesn't really matter, because at least i'm making shit. i'm aiming for new phone to be out in the middle of may. in fact, i'll set a deadline right now. may 13. hopefully. but you know how this goes haha.

i hope you all like it, and even if you don’t, there will be more to come after it. thanks to anyone still following/interested in me!