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tylerghardin's News

Posted by tylerghardin - May 22nd, 2017

hello hello!

done with the animatic for episode 2 of brobot! i'm already to the point where i'm not sure if i like it anymore. haha. but i must trudge onward. i think the animatic is really functional but also creative. there's some really dynamic shots i've never tried, while also some really standard wide shots my animations lack so frequently (because i hate drawing legs. go back and watch anything i've done. any shot where a character is walking is almost ALWAYS a medium or close up lol). in using those, though, i get to reuse more backgrounds and idk, i hope it speeds up the process a bit. i just got back last night from a visit to old friends in mobile, where i got their lines for the episode. i suppose i'm getting older, because those drives are getting longer and i find myself less excited to see them like i once did.

enough personal shit though! their lines are done, but i've got to still pick the takes and put em in the episode (some are done, though). after that, i'm gonna mix the audio a little better so brobot isn't loud as fuck in the mix and get going into making rigs. i expect making the rigs to take awhile... i wanna make em good and do it right... follow youtube tutorials and shit. i'm excited to have them though, will also hopefully speed up the process. after that it's animatin' time -- i'll post again when i'm to that point. i don't want to say when i'll be finished with the rigs since i always jinx myself and it turns out longer.

here's a clip from the animatic so you get an idea of what the episode's about! you'll notice i use gravity falls cues/music made by brad breeck (sp?) because that's kinda the level of what i want... not a TON of music, but enough to guide the story along. last time, i did music at the end. this time, i made it an integral part of making the soundtrack. beware -- audio is unmixed and brobot is loud as shit lol.

okay see you soon hopefully :3


Posted by tylerghardin - May 5th, 2017

hi all!

hope anyone who watched brobot episode 1 enjoyed it. i'm officially done with writing the episode. it's not quite where i think it should be, but i'm ready to get started. and though it could screw some things up in terms of production, i'm not against re-writing while animating to make it even better. i drew a thumbnail board for half the script last night, and i'm finishing that and recording ALL the lines today (yup, includes temp lines for everyone!). i can never remember if i do the soundtrack or thumbnail board first. i think i'm enjoying the board first cause it's helping dictate how things should be in terms of blocking (do we use that word in animation? i remember it from my high school drama days...)

the board's really cool, a lot of dramatic (but functional) angles i'm gonna try out and i'm happy with how it's coming :) after the soundtrack is put together over the weekend, i have monday and tuesday off, so i'm gonna try and cram the entire animatic into those two days and crank it out. that would be rad, 'cause then i can start building the rigs and really getting started. i can't wait, it's gonna be a fun episode to board. tough in some aspects -- lotta crowd shots, for one. but i think this is a much, MUCH better episode than episode 1. it's funnier, more interesting i think, with less overwhelmingly technical sci-fi than the first, but it's still a part of it.

basically brobot runs for class president to help celia win and winds up winning. he then makes good a campaign promise to legalize weed but then suddenly realizes when everyone is smoking weed, it's no longer cool. also, he has to win celia back, same thing as the first ep, blah blah blah. i like it though, ready for it to get going :) here's a teaser:

4518837_149400145123_ScreenShot2017-05-05at12.19.37PM.pngalrighty gonna keep workin now bye bye!

Posted by tylerghardin - April 1st, 2017

hi everyone! you can now watch the first episode of brobot here on newgrounds! i hope anyone who watches enjoys. there will be more brobot episodes, most not nearly as long as this episode. i'll prob write a post in the next few days about it some more, but then i'll be moving on! my next project is a new something anything comic (#3!) that will hopefully be online before april's over. and i have my comics in a few shops in georgia, so i'm gonna try to expand that, starting with this issue. i want to get my comics anywhere that will carry em! i also want to make a daily comics collection book or something, so we'll see if that happens. on the animation front, i did several drafts of episode 2 of brobot last june, and i'll be following that up with another one here in the next week hopefully, and then one after my next comic is done. then i'll start that!

thanks for anyone following me! i know this ep took a while but i hope i can be quicker with my progress. that's part of the reason i made a patreon, so that people who pledge $5 or more get ... like, everything. i'm gonna be uploading (probably) every individual shot, but defintiely animatics, scripts, etc... you basically can watch me make the animation as i go! i also might do things like streams on twitch or whatever... though i'm scared... lol

ok! hope you like it! woohoo, it's done!!


Posted by tylerghardin - March 10th, 2017

hi all! 

this could very well be the last update you hear from me until this episode is out, which is exciting. the episode is finished, i'm working on the tag right now. i decided for a big shot to draw little details when it isn't necessary and well... can't stop now! lol. it's four shots long, so nothing big... will very likely be finished with animation after a few more days. dillon has finally gotten to work on the music. literally, the episode could be out next week or the week after that. it's that close. and i'm very excited to be done with it and begin working on something else.

thank you -- not my "fans," but whoever is reading this and likes my work -- if you're still following me. i appreciate your support if you are and your patience. i realize it's been a long time and i hope the next one won't be a similar deal... i'll try my best to make sure of that.


Posted by tylerghardin - February 16th, 2017

hey newgrounds-ers! it’s me, tyler, time for an update!!

as of today, i am on shot 97 out of 101 in the main episode — this shot contains multiple walk cycles, so it's taking a minute. but as you can tell, i am so near completion i can almost taste it. that's of the main episode, shot 102 will be the credits and then after that, i’ve got to finish re-writing the tag, which lasts about 25-30 seconds and consists of maybe 4-6 shots. those will be easy, i imagine, so i'm not even counting them. following that, i'll re-animate maybe 1-2 shots i don't think look right from the first few min of the episode, maybe re-write/re-lip sync a line or two, and my work will be done. dillon is still... ahem... well, let's just say i've received little music on his end. but he'll come through.

so i'm basically looking at a march release for episode 1 of brobot, titled "i. brobot" (march will be two years since i did brobot 2, the short that convinced me i liked the character enough to start a series about him). i'll put a date/deadline on that soon, though it'll be private for now. i'm still planning on releasing a promo clip in the next few weeks on facebook/twitter, so be on the lookout for that (gotta... finish music for it lol). i'm gonna be sooooo excited to have something new out, and i think people will like this episode. i don't love it at this point, but it's still my favorite thing i've ever made, really.

4518837_148727979341_ScreenShot2017-02-16at4.16.06PM.pngin other news, i got on the waiting list for FLUKE, a comics fest in athens, georgia... i doubt i'll get a spot since i signed up so late, but even still, i'm excited to go over there and buy some cool comics. i'm looking for around that time or earlier to have a new issue of something anything out. i'll start that after this episode is done and put it out, and i'm also mulling over making a separate compilation of hastily-scribbled daily comics i've made, starting from back when i began doing them (sooo summer 2015 lol). i'm also gonna make a brobot poster you can buy, which i'll also have if i get into FLUKE lol. i also want to put out more stuff more frequently, maybe begin uploading more comics online.

ok thats it! hope to post more soon regarding the release of episode 1. :)

Posted by tylerghardin - February 2nd, 2017

hello! here are my sloppily-drawn comics for hourly comics day.




Posted by tylerghardin - January 26th, 2017

greetings all! it's time for your monthly update on the long-delayed but ALMOST FINISHED debut episode of brobot!

yes, as you know, i said late january. we're there now and GUESS WHAT... i'm still animating the last scene. lol! i use lol to hide my deeply centered self-loathing and depression about this fact, but i'm used to it at this point! i'm really excited to put this out, i haven't had anything out in a while. i keep going back and forth between my opinions of this thing, i sometimes like it, sometimes dislike it, and overall think it's a little too unfunny and too confusing for its own good.

but it's cool, i've been doing some ADR of sorts and going back and re-writing lines, which is the first time i've ever done that! i'm hoping to go back to the opening scene to fix certain jokes i hate lol. i'm even going back and re-inserted lines/scenes i deleted from earlier drafts cause why the fuck not? it's already long as it is, might as well introduce characters better. after the last scene's animated, i've gotta re-board and animate a tag (which shouldn't take too long), and dillon's working on the music in fits and starts (don't wanna be a dick, but it's the truth lol. he's kinda swamped in some regards with work stuff though). after the episode is "done", i'll do audio work and put in the music, re-animate any shots with errors, and then it should be done. new estimate? i don't wanna say. i keep missing my deadlines and i'm just gonna keep my mouth shut. soooooon, though. i'm literally like... a minute from completion or less lol!

i'm also completely convinced (don't know if i said this the last blog post) to do the second episode and all future shows using rigging in toon boom. like, hardcore rigging haha. i'm tired of the way i've been doing it, and as shows like rick and morty (or anything from bardel) and those early eps of star vs. the forces of evil have shown, rigging is like, the way to go (if i do it right lol). hopefully that will speed up the process some, and i'd like to get better at rigging anyway. 

i still plan to put out a promo clip too, but i want music behind it soooo. anyway, since i only ever upload images, here's a video! it's a shot i'm on now, the cops in the car aren't animated yet (nor are they in final design... that should be done in the next day or so!)

peace yall!

Posted by tylerghardin - December 31st, 2016

greetings! happy new year!

i am excited to tell you that episode 1 of brobot is nearly done. i am animating the final scene right now and after that, i'll animate a tiny tag to the episode. afterwards, i'll go through looking for errors, and then animation will be completed. then since i build these things along the way to watch them play shot-by-shot, i'll have not much work to do... only audio stuff. i plan on making a 5.1 surround sound mix cause that just sounds fun, and i've got to remix all the audio and get it sounding ok... the levels have all been off ever since i started this thing and it's annoying me lol. i also have to, very soon, re-record a couple of lines i can slip into some shots. i've tried to do them twice and i cannot get them sounding like the lines i recorded initially... so both recordings sound wildly different. and that would be jarring and i can't have that. so i've gotta figure out that. also, kingdarkeyes really needs to get to work on the music, but he just had ass surgery sooo... can't be a jerk!

i hope everyone who reads this' holiday season went well. and i hope their 2017s will be better than their 2016s. despite the internet's hatred of 2016, it was not too bad for me. i got to move up to georgia and began working harder on my stuff, i got a decent job, i got to make another issue of something anything and got to get both issues into stores, and i met a wonderful girl. i also made an animation to get me back in the swing of things and now i'm almost done with the first episode of the series i've been wanting to do for a very long time. i wish it hadn't taken so long, and my mission for the next year is to try my best to not take as long, or somehow put more work out there. i want to make more comics, more episodes of brobot, and be kind to others and work harder!

i'm hoping for a late january release still for this episode of brobot. thanks to anyone still following me! :)

ok goodbye!


Posted by tylerghardin - December 6th, 2016

hi all!!! happy holidays!!!!!!

here's a brobot update! i'm literally almost done. i'm expecting a january release now. i checked last night and i have about two minutes left to animate, and some of it is fairly complicated (crowd shots). after that, i'll be finalizing the audio mix and making a 5.1 mix... something i've never done before, so i'm excited! after that it'll be out. kingdarkeyes is finally beginning to work on the music so that's picking up. all in all, though, almost done!!! i'm really excited. i also decided i think i might do future brobot episodes using rigging and stuff. i love doing what i've done on this one (re-drawing shit) but i think, considering how long this has taken, using rigging would be a wiser option in the future. i am just one person doing this, and i'd like for these to speed up.

a new issue of something anything is on the horizon too, hoping for that to be after brobot, in the lull between the first and second episodes. here's a recent image of what i've done:


okay, thank you for still following me! i hope the holiday season treats all of you well!


Posted by tylerghardin - November 3rd, 2016

how's it goin out there internet? brobot's chugging along as usual. i figure in this post i can show you where i'm animating almost all of it!

this is my little room, "studio" i'm trying to call it, in the basement where i make my shit. as you can see, i've got that simon & garfunkel poster you can see in an old animation of mine, my stereo and records, a bunch of fast food cups and water bottles, my mic and isolation shield (though i record in a different area... have yet to find the best area for best sound!), and my trusty cork board where i keep a lot of cool shit (some old fan art, tips from people i admire, and random stuff). 


but yeah, this is where everything you'll see soon was animated! i'm actually going to try writing a new draft of episode 2 this weekend and hoping to begin recording that soundtrack too sometime soon. alrighty! until next time!