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tylerghardin's News

Posted by tylerghardin - February 5th, 2018

hey all, here's my hourlies from this years hourly comic day.






Posted by tylerghardin - January 25th, 2018

hi all!

know it's been a second since the last time i updated. the end of the year was a little difficult for me on the animation front. first off, i got to a scene in the episode i wasn't particularly clear with when i storyboarded it, leading to a lot of decision-making. it didn't help that the shots have a lot of things i hate doing -- animating fire, mainly. either way, my natural inclination to be indecisive sorta took over and slowed down progress. and of course, it was the holiday season in retail. it seemed worse than usual this year, so that took a lot out of me.

and when it came time to stop being unproductive and i re-approached the project, my software was having issues. i use toon boom harmony advanced, and there's been little tics here and there that make it hard to work at all. i'll do my best to explain: typically, if one is on a selected layer and you want to use the select tool, it would (as best as i recall, in case i'm having some mandela effect shit) select things ONLY on that layer. instead, it's selecting ALL the layers in the vicinity i select. and i've got a ton of layers because of the rigs i've created. sooo yeah. later on, another issue arose where the light table wouldn't stay enabled while using the select tool. so i can't move pieces around over my washed-out BG if i wanted to. i updated the software, posted on forums, emailed support... nothing.

so that just led to me feeling sorry for myself. i took another look at where i was last year at this time, and the year before that, and before that, and so on, and i discovered i get into a weird depressive phase in terms of art/progress in winter. i don't want to claim i have some sort of seasonal depression, but anyway. that's not something i need to worry about. the good news is is that i recently have been making much better progress and i'm actually animating the very last two or three shots of this episode! that doesn't mean i'm done just yet, but i'm very close. i've still got to animate the tag, record and animate two new shots for story purposes earlier in the show, fix animation errors here and there and go back to at least two shots i halfway abandoned to try and get ahead, and more audio mixing and such.

but i'm basically looking at a february release for episode 2, so i'm excited :) here's a progress shot. see you soon!



Posted by tylerghardin - November 3rd, 2017

greetings! it's been a month since my last post, which was full of the doubt and self loathing you've come to know and love. i have a much more positive update this time around :)

brobot is coming along great! i'm particularly proud of my progress this month... i've completed almost two minutes since i last updated! that's the most progress I’ve completed in a month in a very long time... probably since i first began animating the first episode (sooo last july). there have been days where i've put in 13 hours of work on it. i was off of work yesterday, so i put in a solid 11! i've been doing a lot of reference videos to help myself along the way, which have been super beneficial.

i should be reaching the five-minute mark of this seven-minute long project sometime next week. so we're inching ever closer to the finish line. at this point, i don’t see why it can't be done by christmas, so if it is, i'll put it out then! if not, i'm just as okay with a january release… it'll mark one year since trump pussy-grabbed his way to the oval office, which was a partial inspiration for this episode. after that, i think my plans are the same as the last time i updated. this might be the last longer brobot project, because i want to shift to things that are quicker to make. and of course, make some new comics too! :)

any other news? not really. this is my favorite time of year and i'm enjoying it. my birthday is sunday too :) so that's fun. okay, i'm done here! here's an update shot.


Posted by tylerghardin - October 3rd, 2017

hey anyone reading!

progress on brobot is still goin': i'm officially halfway through the episode. i'm pretty happy about that, and my recent progress, while slow, has been good. it's just sometimes you get a shot that trips you up. i was on one of those for a good week there, i wound up honestly just having to skip it. i'll come back to it later and maybe re-develop it or take another shot then. for the life of me i don't know how this is still taking forever even though i made the rigs. unless i just suck or i'm not working hard enough or something. but if i'm not at work or with my girlfriend or sleeping, i'm animating (sometimes at the expense of sleep... doin lots of nightfly-in', recently). so i really am trying, but it's been kinda getting me down. as for ep 2's release, i want it out before the end of the year, i really do, and i think i can still make it.

i've had a sorta weird time artwise recently, as i started thinking about the future and how i need to improve, etc. my goal is to work in the TV animation industry as a storyboard artist, and i'm nearing my mid-twenties and would really like to hustle down and make this dream a reality finally. i'm going to do more life drawing and going to figure classes soon, and don't intend to stop until i find myself good enough. i also want to begin making funnier comics to post online... perhaps posting 2 comics a week or more will get me writing better. but i don't want to lose sight of my autobio comics either, and really am itching to make a new issue of something anything. that one, too, i want to be much funnier and i have some good ideas as to where to take the series. i recently restocked my first two issues at criminal records in atlanta and if you live near orlando, florida you can grab some at park ave, one of my fav record stores down there.

as i continued to think about my progress, it got me feeling a little down about brobot. i love brobot, but i just feel like these seven-minute long things aren't cutting it anymore. i'd love to put out more work more frequently as i did back in 2014 or so, with shorter, more manageable projects. that could include brobot shorts again, rather than episodes, because i don't want to stop doing brobot. but these projects are just so long, they take forever, and sometimes i wonder if it's stifling me as an artist. i mean, i'm still constantly learning, but idk... i'd like to have stuff out more often and be able to do different stuff.

sorry if this was a depressing entry! i'm actually very very excited for this next year in my life and in my artistic path. here's the requisite progress shot... this one is actually from quite a while ago. see you next month :)


Posted by tylerghardin - August 16th, 2017

greetings! it's time for an update on brobot!

so when you last heard from me, i had just hit a minute on the episode's runtime. as of last night, i'm around 2:30 so far! i've been struggling with this scene for i don't want to know how long. i never liked my boards for the scene and i knew it'd be a problem. i wrestled with it, altered angles (you can observe this in the attached video), and finally got done with it last night. scene's a goddamn mess. i forgot to alter line thickness in shots, drew others with the brush so it's impossible to do that or do closeups on them... it's pretty bad. but i'm just so exhausted with it i say fuck it. it's done, it's watchable, let's move on. 

two or so weeks ago, i made a schedule for each shot to be completed, since i've got an upcoming vacation planned for labor day. my goal is to complete at LEAST some of the montage by that time, and at best, all of it. that'd bring me up to shot 67, or 3:20 or so. i think it's doable. i was worried since i took so long on the recent stuff to look at the schedule, but turns out i'm only a day behind. hooray!

the inevitable question now is... when is this gonna come out? my goal was september when i started, but it's taking as long as these things typically take, even with the rigs (which is weird, because i feel like i'm working harder/more consistently than i did on episode 101). it's clear now i'm not gonna make that, of course. so i've set a new goal of early november. my birthday is on the 5th, and i'd love it out before that. and that's the one-year anniversary of the election (*shudder*), and this episode is partially inspired by it, so it'd be nice. i think i can do it, i certainly don't want it out any LATER than that, because the episode's set in like september lol! i don't know if i've ever written about this, but the idea for the first (only?) season of brobot is that each episode is a new month of the school year. 101: august. 105: december. 110: may.

anywayyyyy. i hope all is well for anybody reading this :) thanks for your support and continuing to read these, i know my stuff takes a long time to see anything. i've been posting more progress shots on my twitter, if you're interested. i can't wait till this is done, it's gonna be really cool to have two episodes out! i think this ep is better than the first one, i'm enjoying working on it more and i think it's more lighthearted than the first.

okay, here's that progress shot before i go! animatic first, then how it turned out when i altered it. i wanted something more dynamic and my boards were kinda bad. you can see my line thickness problems too. who cares, gotta keep going! see you in another month :)


Posted by tylerghardin - July 6th, 2017

greetings! brobot update time!

it's going really well. the last time i updated i had two shots done. now i have 22 out of 120! i've gotta go back and re-do shot 3 cause it sucks, though. and i skipped 18 and 19, which i'm doing today and tomorrow. shots 13-17 and 20-22 all take place in a closet, and i re-use the same BG's/angles, so i just went ahead and skipped forward to finish the last few. it was frustrating, recently, 'cause i mentioned in the last blog how i got tired of making the brobot rig. after seeing it in action, i can't describe how much it's sped things up and helped me. so over the weekend i put together a full celia rig, with turnarounds. jason and milo will come next, and i'll just start on those the next time they appear in the episode (soooo shot 24... #rip lol).

speaking of re-using BG's and rigs, i can't tell you how relieved and happy i am i've been more economical about this project. in terms of boarding, shots are still pretty dynamic and cool, but i'm using more closeups and re-using more BG's, as i said. i am just one person, animating this whole thing, so it's giving me a break in certain scenes to re-use things. ep 101 of brobot had upwards of 120 shots or something, and i RARELY ever re-used anything. so this is nice. and the rigs, as i stated, are helping tremendously. honestly, i feel like i'm able to make the characters MORE expressively with the rigs than i previously did with just drawing them over and over ('cause that shit got mad old fast... i'm not really an animator, lol. i like making things and storyboarding, but not animating itself lol).

so anyway, 1:18 of the episode is completed and it's really cool and i'm happy it's going well. i've been sharing more of my progress on twitter and instagram stories recently, idk why! but as i did last time, here's a little clip of the episode :) see you next time!


Posted by tylerghardin - June 9th, 2017


episode 2 of brobot is officially being animated! i decided to stop doing rigs because it took me forever to do one and it was so unnecessary. i think that stuff really appeals to the most obsessive, perfectionist part of me. and doing a full turnaround of rigs -- 3/4, front, side, back 3/4, back -- plus 2 inbetweens for each... was going to take forever. moreover, without having node view like the premium version of toon boom has, it's impossible to animate the rig looking through the timeline's layers. it's just a headache. when i'm looking for the pupil and realizing the cutter i applied wasn't inverted and the pupil's invisible, it becomes like... why am i doing this again? i can just draw this lol.

and so i'm doing just that. basically doing it just like the first episode. whatever. the 3/4 rig for brobot is done so i may use that and try it out, to see how animating it might be. but i may just re-draw everything, which is whatever. i only have six seconds and two shots done, but i figured i might as well post an update. hopefully next time i post i'll have way more done. the first scene has a lot of crowd shots so it's gonna be a pain in the ass, i know. i just gotta be diligent. i like this episode, i hope it's enjoyable to work on. it's gonna be really cool to have another one out.

here's the first two shots cause why not. music's obviously temp and from gravity falls lol. ok see you next time :3


Posted by tylerghardin - May 22nd, 2017

hello hello!

done with the animatic for episode 2 of brobot! i'm already to the point where i'm not sure if i like it anymore. haha. but i must trudge onward. i think the animatic is really functional but also creative. there's some really dynamic shots i've never tried, while also some really standard wide shots my animations lack so frequently (because i hate drawing legs. go back and watch anything i've done. any shot where a character is walking is almost ALWAYS a medium or close up lol). in using those, though, i get to reuse more backgrounds and idk, i hope it speeds up the process a bit. i just got back last night from a visit to old friends in mobile, where i got their lines for the episode. i suppose i'm getting older, because those drives are getting longer and i find myself less excited to see them like i once did.

enough personal shit though! their lines are done, but i've got to still pick the takes and put em in the episode (some are done, though). after that, i'm gonna mix the audio a little better so brobot isn't loud as fuck in the mix and get going into making rigs. i expect making the rigs to take awhile... i wanna make em good and do it right... follow youtube tutorials and shit. i'm excited to have them though, will also hopefully speed up the process. after that it's animatin' time -- i'll post again when i'm to that point. i don't want to say when i'll be finished with the rigs since i always jinx myself and it turns out longer.

here's a clip from the animatic so you get an idea of what the episode's about! you'll notice i use gravity falls cues/music made by brad breeck (sp?) because that's kinda the level of what i want... not a TON of music, but enough to guide the story along. last time, i did music at the end. this time, i made it an integral part of making the soundtrack. beware -- audio is unmixed and brobot is loud as shit lol.

okay see you soon hopefully :3


Posted by tylerghardin - May 5th, 2017

hi all!

hope anyone who watched brobot episode 1 enjoyed it. i'm officially done with writing the episode. it's not quite where i think it should be, but i'm ready to get started. and though it could screw some things up in terms of production, i'm not against re-writing while animating to make it even better. i drew a thumbnail board for half the script last night, and i'm finishing that and recording ALL the lines today (yup, includes temp lines for everyone!). i can never remember if i do the soundtrack or thumbnail board first. i think i'm enjoying the board first cause it's helping dictate how things should be in terms of blocking (do we use that word in animation? i remember it from my high school drama days...)

the board's really cool, a lot of dramatic (but functional) angles i'm gonna try out and i'm happy with how it's coming :) after the soundtrack is put together over the weekend, i have monday and tuesday off, so i'm gonna try and cram the entire animatic into those two days and crank it out. that would be rad, 'cause then i can start building the rigs and really getting started. i can't wait, it's gonna be a fun episode to board. tough in some aspects -- lotta crowd shots, for one. but i think this is a much, MUCH better episode than episode 1. it's funnier, more interesting i think, with less overwhelmingly technical sci-fi than the first, but it's still a part of it.

basically brobot runs for class president to help celia win and winds up winning. he then makes good a campaign promise to legalize weed but then suddenly realizes when everyone is smoking weed, it's no longer cool. also, he has to win celia back, same thing as the first ep, blah blah blah. i like it though, ready for it to get going :) here's a teaser:

4518837_149400145123_ScreenShot2017-05-05at12.19.37PM.pngalrighty gonna keep workin now bye bye!

Posted by tylerghardin - April 1st, 2017

hi everyone! you can now watch the first episode of brobot here on newgrounds! i hope anyone who watches enjoys. there will be more brobot episodes, most not nearly as long as this episode. i'll prob write a post in the next few days about it some more, but then i'll be moving on! my next project is a new something anything comic (#3!) that will hopefully be online before april's over. and i have my comics in a few shops in georgia, so i'm gonna try to expand that, starting with this issue. i want to get my comics anywhere that will carry em! i also want to make a daily comics collection book or something, so we'll see if that happens. on the animation front, i did several drafts of episode 2 of brobot last june, and i'll be following that up with another one here in the next week hopefully, and then one after my next comic is done. then i'll start that!

thanks for anyone following me! i know this ep took a while but i hope i can be quicker with my progress. that's part of the reason i made a patreon, so that people who pledge $5 or more get ... like, everything. i'm gonna be uploading (probably) every individual shot, but defintiely animatics, scripts, etc... you basically can watch me make the animation as i go! i also might do things like streams on twitch or whatever... though i'm scared... lol

ok! hope you like it! woohoo, it's done!!