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Posted by tylerghardin - December 17th, 2020

hello world!

(sort-of) long time no see. it’s been almost two months since the release of my last BROBOT episode, hillsdaleoween, which was an intense and lengthy project. the response was wonderful from friends and viewers, though few watched it than ever before. but for the first time, however, i wasn’t obsessed with its reception, or its views… i just felt happy that those who watched enjoyed. i’m not here for an online viral smash, i’m here for making the show i want to make. all said, i’m immensely proud of the BROBOT episode, and very grateful to have finished it.


since that time, i’ve taken a lot of time off from art-making, and focused on other endeavors. i’ve been making some daily comics, but not many lol. i’ve started tiny bits of story stuff for episode 104, tentatively titled midway madness. spoiler: brobot and celia go to the local county fair and chaos ensues! very excited to continue working on its story and make a better episode than ever before. my goal at this point is to have a script up and going by spring, which can hopefully be punched up and ready for storyboards by may 2021.

speaking of boards, that’s been another big focus of mine going forward into the new year. i’m hoping to have a new website online by march, showcasing original storyboards (as well as BROBOT, and comics too). i feel confident enough in my artistic abilities for the first time in my life to begin trying to find work, and so recently, i applied for a job, and was fortunate enough to take my first professional board test (NDA-bound, but it was for a big studio in american TV). i’m still waiting to hear back, but even if it doesn’t pan out, i feel more ready than ever to face the future. i learned a lot taking the test, and know what i must do to better improve my visual storytelling.

that board test experience was so exciting. combined w/ completing the BROBOT episode, i feel as though i’ve had a very successful creative year. thanks to those who read this.

see you in 2021, and happy holidays,




Posted by tylerghardin - October 30th, 2020

happy halloween everyone! my spooky new BROBOT episode is finally out. in this episode, the gang summons a zombie apocalypse, and must take ghastly measures to save the city of hillsdale…or else they may be put in the grave forever. this episode was long in the making, so i’m going to write about it here!

when i was developing BROBOT around this time five (!) years ago, the series was more or less plotted out. as the show moves throughout brobot’s school year, it makes sense episode 3 would be a seasonal halloween show. that november, i saw a news report of a wayward pumpkin balloon in arizona (video here). both amused and inspired, i put together a rough, but complete first draft of this episode overnight. to put things into perspective, this was when ep. 101 was still being storyboarded, and ep. 102 was only an idea. you can see in this screenshot, amazingly, that some stuff has survived into the final iteration:


seasons came and went… the first two episodes of BROBOT were completed and released between 2017 and 2018. midway through the latter year, i began work on this episode, revising the script and recording the soundtrack (that’s right, some of what you’re hearing is two years old, now). it quickly became clear it wouldn’t be possible to complete in time for that halloween, so I pushed it to the next year. soon, i fell into an artistic rough patch… projects were started, abandoned, and ignored. this episode was too. i feared looking at it, and as time marched on, it was sadly obvious another holiday would come and go. still, more drafts were completed, and the animatic/soundtrack were locked by late 2019.

animation started late last year and continued through the pandemic. i think i was like two and a half minutes into the show in may (!), so the last few months have been super productive, and especially the last couple of weeks. i think this week i’ve spent probably 35+ hours in front of my computer, including a stretch between 4PM tuesday to 12PM wednesday lol. needless to say, i’ve worked harder on this project than anything in my life. it moved between states, houses, and editing suites, from a mac to a PC, and on an intuos tablet to a cintiq. in a sense, this episode was an albatross around my neck like no other artistic endeavor i’ve ever had. and there’s portions i’m uncomfortable with…scenes that are sloppy due to the time crunch and shots where it’s more refined. as gregg allman once crooned: “please don’t confront me with my failures… I’m aware of them.” next time i’ll try to avoid twinning, mixing frame rates, and so on and so forth.

but as always, the most important thing is putting it out, and finally it is done! exciting — this is the first time i’ve ever made a holiday deadline! altogether, i think this episode is a good combination of my current artistic abilities, especially its script and storyboard. i hope if you watch you enjoy. i’ll make another blog post when i have more to share, sometime in the next month or two.

thanks for reading if you made it to the bottom :)




Posted by tylerghardin - October 10th, 2020

Howdy friends :)

We're officially three weeks from Halloween, and I've got good news to report! The next BROBOT episode is nearing the finish line! As of the past few days, I’ve finished the post-credits scene (the "tag") and more! Sounds like I’m basically done right? Ha ha ha… WRONG! Quite frankly, I’ve still got quite a bit of animation to go back and complete. I skipped several shots or left them unfinished in the interest of advancing the process. There’s at least 10-15 shots left in varying stages of completion, many of them quite difficult. I'm ready to tackle them head-on though, nqat... we’re almost there!!

In other areas of production, the audio mix is nearly finalized, though I’ve yet to add sound effects and a couple of other things. I’ve been having to go it alone music-wise, but I subscribed to an awesome site called motion array that has allowed me to move forward, since I’m no musician (yet... lol we'll see in the future). I’ve got a ‘60s flower power song for a Scooby-Doo parody montage I wrote lyrics to, so perhaps I'll lay down some vocals and Melodyne them as best i can :p haha. We’ll see. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I may leave it instrumental.

Those are the least of my worries though — it’s all about animation now! Thankfully, I've got the whole weekend and Monday off from my job so I’ve been putting in 10+ hours in at the cintiq. Thank god for Spotify lol.

I have to say, on a personal note, this process is really fulfilling to me right now. When I first starting making animations in 2012, I made a Halloween short but was unable to finish it in time for the holiday. Same with a Christmas-themed one two years later. The fact that this episode is nearly ready to go, with a week to ENJOY before Halloween, is emotionally completing some sort of arc for me. I really must thank my wonderful girlfriend who has stayed on me and given me encouragement throughout the whole production.

Here's a random shot for progress's sake. Some of it may not be perfect yet (highlights and stuff). I'll fix that soon.

See you in a little under two weeks!



Posted by tylerghardin - August 16th, 2020

howdy friends. it’s the middle of august, and we’re two months away from the next BROBOT episode!

so time for a progress post! recently, i took a brief leave from work and spent all of july working on the episode. no bones about it, progress had been behind schedule. by the time i returned to work last monday, most of what i’d hoped to complete was done… there’s some difficult shots here and there that are in progress, but i’m skipping ahead to knock out the rest at the moment. i’m currently at 5 minutes and 30 seconds of the runtime, which clocks in at around 8 minutes as usual. scary, right?

yeah, it kind of is. zoinks! however, looking at the animatic, i have a feeling most of the episode’s conclusion will be quick to put together. there’s not a breadth of shots that are too too difficult, and i even re-use some backgrounds. plus there’s credits, which are easy, and the tag, which takes up 30 seconds and is on one flat background. so while i’m definitely carrying some unease and anxiety about how much time i have left, i’m a good place IMO. i’m working each and every day to complete the show, which, in my sincere opinion, is the best yet.

mark your calendars: friday, october 23 is when i’m planning on releasing episode three, titled “hillsdaleoween”. that gives people a good week preceding halloween to enjoy the show :)

here is a progress shot.

see you ghouls and goblins then,




Posted by tylerghardin - June 1st, 2020

howdy team. may 15 officially marked halfway to halloween which means...

i really need to make better progress on the brobot episode. lmao

good news to report of course. i’ve hit the three-minute mark of completed animation, and i’m well into the episode’s storyline. it’s nice to see it coming together visually, rather than just sloppy storyboards. i’m also mixing in sound effects as i go, and it’s enjoyable... as always, it tends to come alive with some extra sound effects. i do hate to admit it, but this past month wasn’t the greatest in terms of progress. i’ve really been busting my ass at my day job, putting in a lot of hours and having little energy for animation upon getting home. it’s a tough balance — one i’ve struggled with for a long time and am overall improving at. still, i’ve added over 55 seconds to the episode’s runtime since i last updated all you fine folks (that’s right, the thousands of you, i know you’re there, you don’t have to say anything, it’s fine). so i’m happy with what i have :) the scenes now involve crowd shots, so that’s always a tough one. 

more cool news: i revised the episode’s ending and shortened another sequence, which is something i rarely do this far into production. the original ending just dragged and was never super funny or satisfying to me, while another key back-and-forth similarly went on a little too long. brevity is turning out to be a powerful skill. it’s not that i want to rush through scenes, it’s that the episode’s arc points need to hit at exactly the right moments. anyway, i knew that it’s going to be a few more months before i get to those shots to work on so editing them isn’t an issue really :) #digitalanimation also interesting news: i switched from a mac to PC to help shots render better. for the past eight years, all of the projects i've worked on have been made and composited on a macbook. finally my brother convinced me that things might go faster on a custom PC with a bomb graphics card and all that stuff -- so we built one!

it’s all in service of making episode three of BROBOT the best yet and i’m excited about it! think i’ve set a date for the episode release: friday, october 23! one week to enjoy for halloween :)  maybe later i’ll throw up some deleted scenes later on if the episode garners interest here or elsewhere. to be completely transparent: i’d really like it to. i’m making art for myself, but it’d be very nice to have my art enjoyed widely — for the first time in a long time. 

here’s a shot of some zombies. this was the first shot i made on the PC. zoinkssss!




Posted by tylerghardin - April 11th, 2020

howdy crew :) spring is here! love is in the air, flowers are blooming, and… what’s that? getting reports that everyone is in quarantine and the world is falling apart.

well, no better time for a brobot update!

i’m very proud to report that this past month has been the greatest month of brobot progress yet. at the beginning of march, i was starting shot no. 11, and now i’ve just completed shot no. 26 — fifteen shots done, plus more updated and finalized. altogether, it totals the first two scenes and first two minutes of the episode. it feels fantastic to be able to watch the episode in sequence. it’s a good episode, my favorite yet. got a lot of heavy lifting here soon though — crowd shots comprise the majority of this next scene, with a car chase to follow. ergghhhh.

still, i am really really stoked at how this is turning out. progress was stalled on hillsdaleoween for some time. as i’ve spoken about at length in the past, portions of the production process — script/soundtrack/animatic/rigging — were affected by fear and depressive moods. in the early part of the year, we moved to a different house, which limited some time, and working in retail has pulled me away as usual too. still, i’ve gotten into a groove at the new place… been waking up at the crack of dawn with some coffee and knocking stuff out on days i close, and working deep into the night (being the nightfly, as my gf dubs it) on those i open. now, i feel in my best place yet to get this episode done on time and have it out by halloween :) here’s to being productive!

of course, as i’m sure you know by now, just about everything has been canceled or postponed, and my comics itenerary reflects that. i was appearing at FLUKE in athens, but that’s been re-scheduled to september 5… count on me being there. i’d like to get to more comic fests this year but ehhhh we’ll see.

in the meantime, here’s a screenshot from ep 103. enjoy!




Posted by tylerghardin - February 14th, 2020

hello all! happy valentine’s day!

time for a BROBOT update. animation is chugging along on ep 103; i should hit a full minute here in the next few days. i’m sure i’ll go back and edit that animation throughout the process, and i intend to fully remake one shot i’m not satisfied with. but what’s interesting is since i haven’t really begun a full-scale animated project in *checks watch with dread* uhhh two years, i’ve had to re-learn project management. for example, “i’ve spent too long on this shot. time to move on, i’ll come back to it later”, or “it doesn’t have to be perfect”. i’m not an animator and don’t want to be — i really want to work in storyboarding — so this part of the process can be tedious and difficult for me. i’m also battling my typical daily anxieties and perfectionism, but i’m learning again to be more consistent with progress.

things are going well, and i’m excited to move to the next scene and keep on goin! in other news, as is usual, you can catch me at FLUKE in athens, ga. this coming march… exciting! my third time going. i am certain to have absolutely nothing new to show for myself but comics aren’t disappearing altogether. it’s just that BROBOT can be an all-consuming process, especially with a deadline looming. i’m still making near-daily comics in my sketchbook. and i’m looking forward to putting together the next (final?) issue of something anything, for a potential christmas or january release. you can also expect to see another fully scripted minicomic and the third and final “places” zine by next years’ festival season. after that, i’ve got plans to shift my comic output to different avenues… maybe even children’s stuff! but as for now? bruh, i got nothin’. maybe i’ll figure out something!

for now, enjoy this small unfinished screenshot of jason and BB in halloween costumes. fun! see ya next time.




Posted by tylerghardin - October 29th, 2019

greetings everyone. happy halloween! you know what that means…

only one more year until the next episode of brobot! (haha…)

the next episode, if you didn’t know, is a halloween show. work’s progressing to a new stage right now: the animation stage! in late july, i managed to edit down the episode’s length for pacing and productivity purposes — with my girlfriend’s help, of course! it’s the first time i’ve ever edited anything after the animatic was locked, which was weird. but i think we came up with some really smart cuts that really benefit the episode. after that, i got started on rigging characters… and re-rigging, and re-rigging. it’s been way too long, and i’ve been in a rough spot.

really, i’ve been in a bad place with art, animation, and comics for a long time. i haven't worked consistently enough, due to other responsibilities in life. when i do sit down to make it happen, getting into the zone can be difficult and it’s like i never have the time i need. my job often required 6-day stretches of work that could be time-consuming, to say the least. to alleviate matters, i’ve adjusted my hours to 32 per week… just enough to cover insurance. wish i could go even lower, but it simply isn’t those days anymore.

and that’s been difficult for me. since i finished something anything issue 3, i fell into a weird funk. projects fell through; ideas were birthed, then promptly scrapped. there was a bright spot earlier this year when i created the fourth issue of that series, but since then i’ve even progressed to feeling weird about making autobiographical comics… why should anyone care about this? do i have a unique perspective? have i said too much? suffice to say, it’s been a taxing year, mentally. but recently i’ve been trying to just shut out the bullshit and just do the work. i’ve been making comics for myself more, for no one but me, and it’s been awesome.

consequently, rigs are (almost) done, and i’m into animation already. here’s the first 25 seconds’ worth. colors/sound effects/animation not entirely final. thanks to anyone reading or supporting. in comic-related news, i’ll also be appearing at my last fest of the year, ALTlanta, here in atlanta. that’s on november 17. see you there!




Posted by tylerghardin - July 2nd, 2019

hey everybody, time for an update!

progress on episode 103 of brobot is moving along. i'm currently working on finalizing character designs and editing rigs for the episode. the animatic is done, the soundtrack is more or less mixed as well, though it's still using the temporary score from gravity falls... typically, i use that and then my friend dillon -- @kingdarkeyes here on newgrounds -- will write to it and match it, expand upon it, do with it what he will later on. this is a very ambitious show, with car chases and zombie fights and multiple new characters and locales and crowd shots... and it runs two minutes longer than my average show at this moment. judging from my history, i've never been good at meeting holiday deadlines, so while this will shock you, this brobot episode isn't scheduled for this hallow's eve, but the next. yes, 2020. animation takes a long time.

initially, i thought about moving up another brobot episode and working on it instead, but there's a sequence to the series order, seasonally. so my idea is to work on this episode, finish it sometime next year, and begin work on the next one. then, i'll have two episodes out closer together, which will be very nice, and will likely never happen again, haha. before that, however, i may work on a short animation for this fall, another slice of life one. i might revive the one i was working on called the breadstick incident and make an event out of it creating it... i want to request a week off of work and make that short old-school style... staying up all night! it'd be fun. i also want to continue making comics, which will be roped in there somewhere, too.

i recognize i have had little progress to show, so i'm posting a small clip of the animatic and a near-completed background for the second shot from the show. enjoy.


see you again in a couple months!




Posted by tylerghardin - April 2nd, 2019


hello everybody! i just got back from my first two conventions of the new year, and they were a ton of fun! first was the inaugural punk rock flea market in my hometown of mobile, alabama! saw a lot of old friends and had a wonderful time. then it was FLUKE in athens, georgia… my second time going and it was great. this post is to write about some of my newest comics i sold at both!


first off: the sunshine state! this guy’s just a little tiny baby zine composed of places i liked going to when i lived in florida. think of it as a sequel of sorts to the going mobile zine i made last august. then there’s put on currents, where’s the alcohol, a compilation of the first autobio comics i ever made. (i’ve been alluding to making this book on here for some time, so it’s nice to finally have it out). some of it makes me very uncomfortable, and not just because the drawings were so sloppy. but i know as a fan of autobio comics, i want to read what makes someone uncomfortable. i want to relate and engage more with their lives. so i figured no harm in releasing some of my first comics i made, which still mean a lot to me. that said, at this time, i’ve only decided to make 35 copies (10 for family/friends) so snag one NOW if you want one. then lastly is hourly comics day 2016-19. it just compiles all the hourlies i did for the past four of those, which are pretty fun to look back on. you can buy those comics from my storenvy for just $1-7 smackaroos, plus pins and the something anything comics too.


OR, come see me at my next convention. i included my little poster for them all above, if you didn’t notice :) next is free comic book day at criminal records here in sunny atlanta ga. hoping to get out to more this year, and not just stop in may like i did last time. okay. guess what time it is now?

time to get back to brobot and animating <3 working as we speak on revising the script i had for a halloween episode and getting it into working order. if i have time today, i'm going to work on updating the brobot rig... each one will have a new rig cause they'll all be in halloween costumes! isn't that fun? anyways. see you soon with an update on that! here's a bit of dialogue i know i'm gonna keep: