BROBOT update time!

2017-07-06 12:47:23 by tylerghardin

greetings! brobot update time!

it's going really well. the last time i updated i had two shots done. now i have 22 out of 120! i've gotta go back and re-do shot 3 cause it sucks, though. and i skipped 18 and 19, which i'm doing today and tomorrow. shots 13-17 and 20-22 all take place in a closet, and i re-use the same BG's/angles, so i just went ahead and skipped forward to finish the last few. it was frustrating, recently, 'cause i mentioned in the last blog how i got tired of making the brobot rig. after seeing it in action, i can't describe how much it's sped things up and helped me. so over the weekend i put together a full celia rig, with turnarounds. jason and milo will come next, and i'll just start on those the next time they appear in the episode (soooo shot 24... #rip lol).

speaking of re-using BG's and rigs, i can't tell you how relieved and happy i am i've been more economical about this project. in terms of boarding, shots are still pretty dynamic and cool, but i'm using more closeups and re-using more BG's, as i said. i am just one person, animating this whole thing, so it's giving me a break in certain scenes to re-use things. ep 101 of brobot had upwards of 120 shots or something, and i RARELY ever re-used anything. so this is nice. and the rigs, as i stated, are helping tremendously. honestly, i feel like i'm able to make the characters MORE expressively with the rigs than i previously did with just drawing them over and over ('cause that shit got mad old fast... i'm not really an animator, lol. i like making things and storyboarding, but not animating itself lol).

so anyway, 1:18 of the episode is completed and it's really cool and i'm happy it's going well. i've been sharing more of my progress on twitter and instagram stories recently, idk why! but as i did last time, here's a little clip of the episode :) see you next time!



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2017-07-07 11:53:32

okay after years of seeing these news posts from you i need to throw something out

you dont stop reminding of the game super paper mario, which also had a brobot

fuck that game

sorry had to get that out of my system, carry on please.

tylerghardin responds:

hahah sorry for reminding you of that game! lol. there was a jimmy neutron short also named brobot, and recently a regular show episode with brobot in its name. so i'm not original in the least! hah