update on BROBOT

2017-05-22 20:57:43 by tylerghardin

hello hello!

done with the animatic for episode 2 of brobot! i'm already to the point where i'm not sure if i like it anymore. haha. but i must trudge onward. i think the animatic is really functional but also creative. there's some really dynamic shots i've never tried, while also some really standard wide shots my animations lack so frequently (because i hate drawing legs. go back and watch anything i've done. any shot where a character is walking is almost ALWAYS a medium or close up lol). in using those, though, i get to reuse more backgrounds and idk, i hope it speeds up the process a bit. i just got back last night from a visit to old friends in mobile, where i got their lines for the episode. i suppose i'm getting older, because those drives are getting longer and i find myself less excited to see them like i once did.

enough personal shit though! their lines are done, but i've got to still pick the takes and put em in the episode (some are done, though). after that, i'm gonna mix the audio a little better so brobot isn't loud as fuck in the mix and get going into making rigs. i expect making the rigs to take awhile... i wanna make em good and do it right... follow youtube tutorials and shit. i'm excited to have them though, will also hopefully speed up the process. after that it's animatin' time -- i'll post again when i'm to that point. i don't want to say when i'll be finished with the rigs since i always jinx myself and it turns out longer.

here's a clip from the animatic so you get an idea of what the episode's about! you'll notice i use gravity falls cues/music made by brad breeck (sp?) because that's kinda the level of what i want... not a TON of music, but enough to guide the story along. last time, i did music at the end. this time, i made it an integral part of making the soundtrack. beware -- audio is unmixed and brobot is loud as shit lol.

okay see you soon hopefully :3



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