hello :3 BROBOT ep 2 on the way!

2017-05-05 12:24:29 by tylerghardin

hi all!

hope anyone who watched brobot episode 1 enjoyed it. i'm officially done with writing the episode. it's not quite where i think it should be, but i'm ready to get started. and though it could screw some things up in terms of production, i'm not against re-writing while animating to make it even better. i drew a thumbnail board for half the script last night, and i'm finishing that and recording ALL the lines today (yup, includes temp lines for everyone!). i can never remember if i do the soundtrack or thumbnail board first. i think i'm enjoying the board first cause it's helping dictate how things should be in terms of blocking (do we use that word in animation? i remember it from my high school drama days...)

the board's really cool, a lot of dramatic (but functional) angles i'm gonna try out and i'm happy with how it's coming :) after the soundtrack is put together over the weekend, i have monday and tuesday off, so i'm gonna try and cram the entire animatic into those two days and crank it out. that would be rad, 'cause then i can start building the rigs and really getting started. i can't wait, it's gonna be a fun episode to board. tough in some aspects -- lotta crowd shots, for one. but i think this is a much, MUCH better episode than episode 1. it's funnier, more interesting i think, with less overwhelmingly technical sci-fi than the first, but it's still a part of it.

basically brobot runs for class president to help celia win and winds up winning. he then makes good a campaign promise to legalize weed but then suddenly realizes when everyone is smoking weed, it's no longer cool. also, he has to win celia back, same thing as the first ep, blah blah blah. i like it though, ready for it to get going :) here's a teaser:

4518837_149400145123_ScreenShot2017-05-05at12.19.37PM.pngalrighty gonna keep workin now bye bye!


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2017-05-06 17:32:52

Radicals! Can't wait!!! Was blown away when I watched the first episode and thought to myself "This needs to be a thing from now on." I don't know a single thing about animation but would love to start doing things myself and Brobot definitely gives inspiration.
P.S. I like the political reference there

(Updated ) tylerghardin responds:

hey thanks a ton! i'm glad you enjoyed the first ep -- i think this next one's 10x better. and if you want to start doing animation, just do it! so long as you find something you're interested in and care about and write a cool story/concept around it, it doesn't matter what the visuals look like. just have fun!