2017-04-01 13:35:33 by tylerghardin

hi everyone! you can now watch the first episode of brobot here on newgrounds! i hope anyone who watches enjoys. there will be more brobot episodes, most not nearly as long as this episode. i'll prob write a post in the next few days about it some more, but then i'll be moving on! my next project is a new something anything comic (#3!) that will hopefully be online before april's over. and i have my comics in a few shops in georgia, so i'm gonna try to expand that, starting with this issue. i want to get my comics anywhere that will carry em! i also want to make a daily comics collection book or something, so we'll see if that happens. on the animation front, i did several drafts of episode 2 of brobot last june, and i'll be following that up with another one here in the next week hopefully, and then one after my next comic is done. then i'll start that!

thanks for anyone following me! i know this ep took a while but i hope i can be quicker with my progress. that's part of the reason i made a patreon, so that people who pledge $5 or more get ... like, everything. i'm gonna be uploading (probably) every individual shot, but defintiely animatics, scripts, etc... you basically can watch me make the animation as i go! i also might do things like streams on twitch or whatever... though i'm scared... lol

ok! hope you like it! woohoo, it's done!!



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