BROBOT will be out in a week or two! :)

2017-03-10 17:07:06 by tylerghardin

hi all! 

this could very well be the last update you hear from me until this episode is out, which is exciting. the episode is finished, i'm working on the tag right now. i decided for a big shot to draw little details when it isn't necessary and well... can't stop now! lol. it's four shots long, so nothing big... will very likely be finished with animation after a few more days. dillon has finally gotten to work on the music. literally, the episode could be out next week or the week after that. it's that close. and i'm very excited to be done with it and begin working on something else.

thank you -- not my "fans," but whoever is reading this and likes my work -- if you're still following me. i appreciate your support if you are and your patience. i realize it's been a long time and i hope the next one won't be a similar deal... i'll try my best to make sure of that.



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2017-03-21 19:26:05

It's too good.

tylerghardin responds:

the promo i put out? if so, thank you! i hope you enjoy it.


2017-03-22 07:37:45