hello, BROBOT update time!

2017-02-16 16:17:09 by tylerghardin

hey newgrounds-ers! it’s me, tyler, time for an update!!

as of today, i am on shot 97 out of 101 in the main episode — this shot contains multiple walk cycles, so it's taking a minute. but as you can tell, i am so near completion i can almost taste it. that's of the main episode, shot 102 will be the credits and then after that, i’ve got to finish re-writing the tag, which lasts about 25-30 seconds and consists of maybe 4-6 shots. those will be easy, i imagine, so i'm not even counting them. following that, i'll re-animate maybe 1-2 shots i don't think look right from the first few min of the episode, maybe re-write/re-lip sync a line or two, and my work will be done. dillon is still... ahem... well, let's just say i've received little music on his end. but he'll come through.

so i'm basically looking at a march release for episode 1 of brobot, titled "i. brobot" (march will be two years since i did brobot 2, the short that convinced me i liked the character enough to start a series about him). i'll put a date/deadline on that soon, though it'll be private for now. i'm still planning on releasing a promo clip in the next few weeks on facebook/twitter, so be on the lookout for that (gotta... finish music for it lol). i'm gonna be sooooo excited to have something new out, and i think people will like this episode. i don't love it at this point, but it's still my favorite thing i've ever made, really.

4518837_148727979341_ScreenShot2017-02-16at4.16.06PM.pngin other news, i got on the waiting list for FLUKE, a comics fest in athens, georgia... i doubt i'll get a spot since i signed up so late, but even still, i'm excited to go over there and buy some cool comics. i'm looking for around that time or earlier to have a new issue of something anything out. i'll start that after this episode is done and put it out, and i'm also mulling over making a separate compilation of hastily-scribbled daily comics i've made, starting from back when i began doing them (sooo summer 2015 lol). i'm also gonna make a brobot poster you can buy, which i'll also have if i get into FLUKE lol. i also want to put out more stuff more frequently, maybe begin uploading more comics online.

ok thats it! hope to post more soon regarding the release of episode 1. :)


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