2017-01-26 18:26:53 by tylerghardin

greetings all! it's time for your monthly update on the long-delayed but ALMOST FINISHED debut episode of brobot!

yes, as you know, i said late january. we're there now and GUESS WHAT... i'm still animating the last scene. lol! i use lol to hide my deeply centered self-loathing and depression about this fact, but i'm used to it at this point! i'm really excited to put this out, i haven't had anything out in a while. i keep going back and forth between my opinions of this thing, i sometimes like it, sometimes dislike it, and overall think it's a little too unfunny and too confusing for its own good.

but it's cool, i've been doing some ADR of sorts and going back and re-writing lines, which is the first time i've ever done that! i'm hoping to go back to the opening scene to fix certain jokes i hate lol. i'm even going back and re-inserted lines/scenes i deleted from earlier drafts cause why the fuck not? it's already long as it is, might as well introduce characters better. after the last scene's animated, i've gotta re-board and animate a tag (which shouldn't take too long), and dillon's working on the music in fits and starts (don't wanna be a dick, but it's the truth lol. he's kinda swamped in some regards with work stuff though). after the episode is "done", i'll do audio work and put in the music, re-animate any shots with errors, and then it should be done. new estimate? i don't wanna say. i keep missing my deadlines and i'm just gonna keep my mouth shut. soooooon, though. i'm literally like... a minute from completion or less lol!

i'm also completely convinced (don't know if i said this the last blog post) to do the second episode and all future shows using rigging in toon boom. like, hardcore rigging haha. i'm tired of the way i've been doing it, and as shows like rick and morty (or anything from bardel) and those early eps of star vs. the forces of evil have shown, rigging is like, the way to go (if i do it right lol). hopefully that will speed up the process some, and i'd like to get better at rigging anyway. 

i still plan to put out a promo clip too, but i want music behind it soooo. anyway, since i only ever upload images, here's a video! it's a shot i'm on now, the cops in the car aren't animated yet (nor are they in final design... that should be done in the next day or so!)

peace yall!


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2017-01-27 08:22:23

Maybe yeah, it's better not to give us any deadline dates, otherwise you just put pressure on yourself to finish it in time, rush some parts so you won't miss the deadline, get unsatisfied with those parts you rushed and have to redo them again which will only slow you down even more and make you skip the date. You could just do the same thing that TFS does, they have a little scale on their site showing how much of their new episode is done already (10%, 25%, 75%, etc).