you already know what it is... BROBOT UPDATE!

2016-12-31 11:55:08 by tylerghardin

greetings! happy new year!

i am excited to tell you that episode 1 of brobot is nearly done. i am animating the final scene right now and after that, i'll animate a tiny tag to the episode. afterwards, i'll go through looking for errors, and then animation will be completed. then since i build these things along the way to watch them play shot-by-shot, i'll have not much work to do... only audio stuff. i plan on making a 5.1 surround sound mix cause that just sounds fun, and i've got to remix all the audio and get it sounding ok... the levels have all been off ever since i started this thing and it's annoying me lol. i also have to, very soon, re-record a couple of lines i can slip into some shots. i've tried to do them twice and i cannot get them sounding like the lines i recorded initially... so both recordings sound wildly different. and that would be jarring and i can't have that. so i've gotta figure out that. also, kingdarkeyes really needs to get to work on the music, but he just had ass surgery sooo... can't be a jerk!

i hope everyone who reads this' holiday season went well. and i hope their 2017s will be better than their 2016s. despite the internet's hatred of 2016, it was not too bad for me. i got to move up to georgia and began working harder on my stuff, i got a decent job, i got to make another issue of something anything and got to get both issues into stores, and i met a wonderful girl. i also made an animation to get me back in the swing of things and now i'm almost done with the first episode of the series i've been wanting to do for a very long time. i wish it hadn't taken so long, and my mission for the next year is to try my best to not take as long, or somehow put more work out there. i want to make more comics, more episodes of brobot, and be kind to others and work harder!

i'm hoping for a late january release still for this episode of brobot. thanks to anyone still following me! :)

ok goodbye!



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