BROBOT update...!

2016-12-06 15:03:43 by tylerghardin

hi all!!! happy holidays!!!!!!

here's a brobot update! i'm literally almost done. i'm expecting a january release now. i checked last night and i have about two minutes left to animate, and some of it is fairly complicated (crowd shots). after that, i'll be finalizing the audio mix and making a 5.1 mix... something i've never done before, so i'm excited! after that it'll be out. kingdarkeyes is finally beginning to work on the music so that's picking up. all in all, though, almost done!!! i'm really excited. i also decided i think i might do future brobot episodes using rigging and stuff. i love doing what i've done on this one (re-drawing shit) but i think, considering how long this has taken, using rigging would be a wiser option in the future. i am just one person doing this, and i'd like for these to speed up.

a new issue of something anything is on the horizon too, hoping for that to be after brobot, in the lull between the first and second episodes. here's a recent image of what i've done:


okay, thank you for still following me! i hope the holiday season treats all of you well!



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