2016-11-03 03:59:00 by tylerghardin

how's it goin out there internet? brobot's chugging along as usual. i figure in this post i can show you where i'm animating almost all of it!

this is my little room, "studio" i'm trying to call it, in the basement where i make my shit. as you can see, i've got that simon & garfunkel poster you can see in an old animation of mine, my stereo and records, a bunch of fast food cups and water bottles, my mic and isolation shield (though i record in a different area... have yet to find the best area for best sound!), and my trusty cork board where i keep a lot of cool shit (some old fan art, tips from people i admire, and random stuff). 


but yeah, this is where everything you'll see soon was animated! i'm actually going to try writing a new draft of episode 2 this weekend and hoping to begin recording that soundtrack too sometime soon. alrighty! until next time!


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2016-11-03 07:41:53

Looking forward to seeing what you got amigo!

tylerghardin responds:

hey thank you very much!!


2016-11-03 08:41:57

We can see your lube bottle in the foreground.

tylerghardin responds:

record-cleaning fluid, but it works too...


2016-11-03 14:15:51

Nice and organized! Neat!

tylerghardin responds:

hmmm i wouldn't say organized hahaha... but thanks!


2016-11-03 15:08:48

Looking good! That's a nice little set up!

Stop re-writing all the flipping time and upload some toons! XD

tylerghardin responds:

haha thank you! it's a long process. but i'm in the home stretch!