BROBOT update and MORE!

2016-10-19 19:01:41 by tylerghardin

lol TLDR: brobot is coming but you know how long this shit takes!

okay. so i'm not gonna waste your time. but i'm still chipping away at brobot. i'm doing well on animation, i've got about a quarter left to complete, maybe a lil less. i've gotta re-record a couple things and fix a few animation errors but after that it should be good to go. i'm sorry it's taking so long (for all the people just avidly awaiting it, which i know number in the thousands!) lol but anyway. i'm really happy with it, it's just taking a lot longer than most of my stuff. trust me, i am working. i'll release a promo in the coming weeks.

in the meantime, i got my comics into a couple local shops. you can now find issues of something anything at criminal records in atlanta and bizarro-wuxtry in athens, georgia! i'm working on getting them into a couple stores around the southeast. it's really cool, i've never done this before, so it's pretty thrilling. after episode one of brobot is done (hopefully before december arrives), i want to make a new issue of something anything (#3) for christmastime! lots of things have gone pretty well for me in these past few months so i want to make some comics about it. here's the photos on the shelf at wuxtry:

4518837_147691795932_CuwwxEqW8AEsetS.jpgalrighty! see you in another month... i want to have more compelted then!!!!! but you know how this shit goes

oh! also! you can get those comics now in physical form from my gumroad too, as well as a digital copy (if you buy a physical, i'll just email you the digital!)


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2016-10-20 00:23:41

I love your art style! Reminds me of Brian Lee O'Malley, a bit, but with stockier character models.

Is there a way to just buy the digital version?

tylerghardin responds:

yeah, the digital version is on gumroad as well! and thanks for the compliment, i love o'malley.


2016-10-20 08:45:27

If I pretend to have cancer and tell you that my dying wish is to see Brobot out before I die, will it speed up the process?

Noice getting your books into some stores, a more colourful cover might've helped catch more people's attention but your current two-colour version has it's charm. I prefer them that way, but people would generally gravitate more towards something that catches their eye.

tylerghardin responds:

haha i hope it doesnt disappoint! i know it's taking forever :O

the simple covers for my comics work i think! if anything they differentiate it from everything else on the shelf maybe. or maybe it just looks lazy. who knows! i like 'em. lol