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hi! i'm tyler and i make animations and comics.

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delay... a short one, but... nonetheless

Posted by tylerghardin - May 12th, 2016

hello all! and by all, i mean the one or two people (at best) that haven't tuned out/considered me a lost cause or failure! you might've seen my last post. cool! the new short, new phone, is still on the schedule. in fact, it'll still be here in may. but, uhhh, my computer had some issues, so now its in the shop. sucks, right? yeah. i'm not happy about it, but at least it won't cost any money really. what really bums me out is i've lost a week (hopefully only that) of animation time. but when i get that thing back next week you can bet i will jump headfirst into finishing that thing. gosh i hate not being able to finish it right NOW. i almost want to go crazy on the next short to complete it faster. blech!

anyway, that's my story. i heard some really cool advice earlier to keep your head down and keep working on your shit and never care what others think which really hits home to me right now. here's some music i've been into:


alrighty have a good day!

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I really wanna see some more Brobot episodes but not rush, take your time to properly polish your work. It's better to spend a little more time o something to make sure it's good than to rush everything up and submit something not so great.
I'm sure everyone else understands.

i've been really considering beginning to re-develop brobot, perhaps issue the first episode sometime in the fall still. idk if i can do it but i am mighty interested in still trying. thanks for the support and encouragement, it means a lot. you're certainly right! i guess my hiatus has kind of left me feeling like i've fallen behind/i need to catch up when really the focus must be making quality work. thanks.