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breakthroughs on BROBOT!

Posted by tylerghardin - September 6th, 2015

hi all! i know it seems like my last post wasn't so long ago but i wanna add in a little update on the brobot series.

for the past several weeks, hell, maybe much of the summer, i was a little (read: immensely) upset because brobot wasn't coming together as i wanted it. in my conversations with dillon (who's co-developer on the show), he thought i should really push for sci-fi in the series, as brobot's a robot and the backstories we've crafted suit it well. i was like nooo, we can't, because i wanted something very grounded and realistic. as i worked on 1x01's script i only got more and more depressed because it felt so dry, the conflict was nearly nonexistent and cheap, and my jokes weren't good and were so predictable and bad (atypical of first drafts, but you know how i get if you've read these posts). i just kinda get myself into these times where i get so far into what i'm doing i have trouble working in it. i tend to procrastinate more. my ideas aren't as fresh.

this all kinda happened as rick and morty season two premiered. i liked the first season a lot but season two has just blown my mind, in a very real way. i've watched episodes with my mouth just agape in wonder. it is so unbelievably good (total rickall's my fav so far, but i liked a rickle in time a lot too). i've seriously just watched it almost every night (thanks animeflavor/putlocker/any streaming site!). i could feel it impacting me and inspiring me each time i watched it. so i started to warm up to the idea of sci-fi... but a softer type of sci-fi. more conversations ensued and last week, we finally really cracked the whole series. we've got a hook to it all, the characters are better defined, and so on. 1x01's storyline now has a great conflict to it, an interesting (i think) sci-fi component, and a fairly grounded emotional core -- and it has to do with weed! brobot smoking pot won't be a huge thing in the series (it'll be there for sure, but it's more than one-note), but i wanted to make the pilot reference the shorts a bit so i like it. i'm sure there is more to do, of course, but the brunt of the developing is done, i think. pre-production is about over. 1x01's first draft (or second, i guess) should be together this week and after a few more drafts i'll get to the animatin'.

i've been reading a lot of community scripts and i intend to try and punch up my scripts to the level i feel comfortable working on it at. i don't think there's really room to be as perfectionist as i've been in the past about it if i'm producing 10 episodes. if i want it to be like television, which is my goal, it will be like television. which means i'm very likely gonna make myself deadlines and shit. not all tv can be perfect and it has an off day, so i'm prepared for that. not that i'm aiming to just give up and go "oh well, it's good enough," network sitcom-style. i'm definitely planning to give each episode my all. but i think i've developed a more realistic outlook on just how this is going to come together. (all of the preceding paragraph written by a man who has yet to start animation yet and enter the highs and lows of that process)

ok. hopefully by the time i update yall next i might be animating. that is the goal. i'm very happy with the way things are going!!

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Good luck!

thank you.