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hi! i'm tyler and i make animations and comics.

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update on BROBOT!

Posted by tylerghardin - August 22nd, 2015

hello, here's an update on the brobot series!

i'm finally kinda seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as far as planning the whole shabang. i've solidifed a lot of characters, locations, back stories, history, all that fun stuff. while i like worldbuilding, i think i like just writing scripts for characters more. i got so fed up with having slow progress as of late i just started writing episode 1x01 of brobot. and you know what? the characters are telling me who they are. i just need to start instead of dicking around, trying to make the world perfect, and just go. and i am! i should finish the first draft of it this week. 

my goal is to finish writing episode one next month and start designing characters then as well. then, it might actually be time... time to animate the first one. i haven't animated in forever, so i'm a bit scared haha! i'm really looking forward to the five-minute runtime. i hate to refer to christmas short so much but i hated every second of it because it just felt like i was getting nowhere. it was a gigantic mountain and i had so much to do on it and no one could see it. on this, i'll at least be finishing little stories and moving on to the next. who knows, i might put out a preview clip or something one day.

that is, of course, all in the near future. i am still working on episode one and somewhat on the worldbuilding. i can say this, though -- brobot is shaping up to be a combination of my old series idea i had, sparks, and the initial brobot series idea. have i talked at all about what the series will be like?? i can give some of that away. brobot as a series will obviously follow brobot, the pot-smoking robot. this time, though, he's 15 and going to high school with jason. he also has another friend, milo, and finds himself stumbling over the new girl in school. throughout the series (which, btw, i have entirely plotted season 1 out!!!), we'll meet the alcoholic school prinicpal, the shady mayor, the kind but naive arts teacher, brobot's sweet mom, and jason's dumbass dad. i'm really really looking forward to it all. 

okay, thats enough. hope to update with more progress come september!

Comments (2)

I almost forgot about brobot! Nice!

right? it's been awhile. takes time, yknow? trying to make it as good as it can be, within a reasonable level of my sanity haha.

Sounds really cool, really excited and I can't wait to see it!

awesome man, thanks for sticking around. i know im on a bit of a hiatus but itll be worth it.