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Posted by tylerghardin - March 22nd, 2015

yo yo yo! i know what you're thinking:

"tyler, who do you think you are promising brobot "soon" and then it taking a while!"

"tyler, your *enormous* fanbase is BEGGING for a new cartoon! where's it at??"

"tyler, have you ever tried americone dream ice cream? isn't it awesome??"

yes. yes it is. it's time for a short little update! woo-hoo!

so yeah, as you know, animation always takes longer than i ever imagined. i'm not using the models as heavily on this short (turns out, going off-model is actually GOOD!), and consequenly, it's taking longer. it'll be worth it though. i still somehow like this short. liking it will be my doom, because i'm an artist and should hate it while i'm making it. and i do! i wish it were done. but nevertheless, i still giggle at the concept and genuinely enjoy the short so far, so it's been a blast. i haven't had so much fun working on a short in a while. i'm a little over 50% done, though, so expect brobot in the not too distant future.

how am i doing? pretty good. i'm really into tv right now. anyone reading should watch last man on earth and unbreakable kimmy schmidt. LMOE is a little slow but it's building, but kimmy schmidt is flat-out HILARIOUS from the first episode. go check it outttttt!!!

in other news, today's march 22, it's the one-year anniversary of guilty pleasure! hooray! i am at peace with that short. i don't actually like it, but LOTS of newgrounds folks did, so what do i know!

alright bye! excited to have something new to put up here soon!


Comments (3)

And to think parents always tell their kids about watching too much television being bad.Yeah,it's bad for the eyes but not for the mind!That's one disturbing animation you got there and what makes it worse is that it really happens in this world,it kind of disgusts me to think that humanity is hurting Mother Nature for it's selfish wants.Your work is well done,from the expressions of the 'victims' to the tragic music.Did you know that March 22nd is not only the earliest day with Earth Hour(it lasts to 28th March),it's also the day for saving water?It's time we take this seriously.That means one less hour of your 'guilty pleasure' but I think Mother Nature needs a break.It's good to hear from you.Take care.

haha thank you for the comment. i didn't not know march 22 is the earliest day/day to save water. i concur! earth preservation! go green! watch my cartoons but don't forget the real things!

What what? I'm referring to Mchetor's comment.

yeah idk.. lol

Someone just referred to my comment,woah,that's epic...Don't forget to not just give Mother Nature a break,your eyes need it too!