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brobot 2 - comin' sooooon!

Posted by tylerghardin - March 2nd, 2015

hi all! production on brobot 2's moving swiftly. i love this concept and am enjoying working on it. typically, i work so hard on shorts like these i end up hating them before moving on to just accepting them. i'm sure brobot will end up this way too before it's over. but for now, i'm having the most fun on it i've had since beach blanket break-in last spring (which i remember being just a breeze)! brobot's bright, funny, quick, kinda like that one. it'll clock in at 4 minutes, longer than it maybe should be, but yeah. i think the title will be 'brobot 2: college lyfe'.

i was trying to remember when this idea came to life and it was actually inspired by a newgrounds commenter! i'd uploaded the old, original brobot short to the site (which i later took down because, well, it was pain to explain to every commenter it was two years old). but one was positive, and kinda sparked the whole thing:


how dope is that! thanks @Cyberdevil!

anyway. here's a screenshot of brobot's dorm room. lots of fun college stoner easter eggs, plus his clothing from the original!


brobot 2 is currently set for middle of the month. you know how these things go.

alrighty see ya soon!



Comments (3)

Heeey, this might be the first time I see one of my reviews featured in another post. :) Glad to hear I inspired! And thanks for the shout out! But man... it's removed?! It's no longer part of the great historical heritage of culture and comedy in which creativity thrives? Just think of all that potential appreciation the audience could give you! Or the entertainment they could get from watching it! Or maybe... the potential ad-revenue of each lost view? :P

Ah well, brobot2's looking good!

it's still on youtube, where it will live on in infamy. and thanks sir! seriously. im loving this short so far.

NG has waaay higher ad-revenue shares than YT though. ;) Well, glad to hear it's somewhere!

brobot 1 uses licensed music (as does brobot 2... gotta keep the tradition going!) so i can't reasonably collect any ad revenue from those shorts because i don't own them entirely. i don't plan to use licensed music from here on out, not even on the upcoming brobot series, so it won't be a problem in the future.

Ah, makes sense!