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front page (thank you!) and updates

Posted by tylerghardin - February 18th, 2015

thanks for the frontpage! it's really awesome that the higher-ups at newgrounds seem to have my back or something. i always put out something new on the same day one of the big guys (1,000+ fans) puts something out. i can never compete, but newgrounds always seems to give me a chance, so thank you.

what's next: brobot 2. started working on it earlier this week. aiming for end of the month/early march. here's a bit from the script!:


so that is that. i'm not quite sure what comes after that. sparks isn't ready to lift off, and i just don't have the energy to animate something ten minutes long again so the weird al video's on the backburner for now. i have an idea for a brobot-centric series, too, that shows promise, so i may get on that. but i don't wanna follow brobot with brobot. and i also don't want to go back to tyler/dillon characters. this is the first time in a while i've been scratching my head as to what comes after a current production, but i'll figure it out. maybe something new entirely. maybe even a slice of life cartoon like awkward situation, who cares! why not.

thanks for watching and reading if you are, see ya soon!

Comments (2)

A sequel and a possible Brobot series???!?!?!?!?! UGGHHGHUHGGHUHHGHG Yes, that sounds amazing.

In terms of production where is Sparks? Do you have concept art for the characters and locations?
Do you have scripts for some of the episodes? Also Dillon should totally make some unique music for Sparks!

Also do you plan on changing your style for the new show? I'm sure all these questions will get answered in a future journal but....

sparks is, like, still in pre-production haha. the thing i've come to face is that i've built a world around no concept. i have sparks, the location, and a general idea of the series, but no central theme to it all and no compelling characters. once i figure out those elements, it should be go time. hopefully that is this year. i honestly thought i'd crack it by now, but i guess there's no real timetable to these things. in contrast, dillon and i worked out the first seven episodes of brobot, plus a whole backstory, characters, and jokes in one night. i think it was easier 'cause the concept already existed. so brobot will likely come first, if it does (a series of 2-4 min. episodes might take a while, but i'm game).

i have several ideas for sparks episodes, too, but i've gotta solidify the characters and a central thesis.

i haven't changed my style drastically since i began, so i can't imagine so, but there will probably be things here and there i spruce up. i'm bad at character design, but a few things are a little different every cartoon.

and yeah, @kingdarkeyes will likely help out with music! i've been trying to learn how to play music, sorta, because i've realized i need to. i have pretty specific vision for what i do, and it occurs to me that might be best served doing it myself. so i've got little guitar/ukulele things here and there that'll be in sparks. dillon's got the microkorg so he'll do lots for brobot i imagine, haha. like i said, i'm trying to get away from licensed music, but it was a given for brobot 2. brobot 1 had dozens of licensed songs, so the sequel has to. i can assure you the series won't, though.

Can't say I've viewed Brobot 1 yet, but I'm digging Jason's dialogue so far

the original brobot is on youtube. it's suuuuuuper old (and bad), but the sequel will be great