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updatin' dawggg!!

Posted by tylerghardin - January 9th, 2015

hey ng whats up. hope anyone reading had a nice holiday season!

anywho i'm still working on the christmas short, way after christmas, and let me tell you, it is weirdly depressing. i've put so much into this short and it sucks it wasn't ENTIRELY out on christmas. it was nice to have a respite and gauge public opinion on it for a second, but i already have a bad feeling it'll be, like, january 30 and the whole thing'll be up and everyone will be like "hmm, this is nice, would be great if it were actually christmas!" as my style and competence evolves in this medium i imagine my production processes will only get longer so i am doomed for late deadlines... so no more holiday specials! haha. i have no problems getting them done, but each holiday-centered thing i've done has fucked me, time-wise.

on that note, no 20-minute specials ever again! haha. i just watched the animatic again and i like this cartoon. it's pretty good. kinda crazy that's i'm halfway through with it, in all honesty. it's weird to see this monster get completed piece by piece. i'm sure when it's complete i'll feel like i've climbed mount everest. i'm not the best animator, but this is definitely my best so far. even when you're making what i'm making, which i'll admit isn't super expressive and uses the shit out of those models i made, it still takes an immense amount of effort and time to craft it. hopefully, like the simpsons, it's the script that stands out. and also the heart that i wrote this with.

speaking of, i don't know if i've spoken about this in my innumerable blogs leading up to its completion, but this short is actually a little sweeter, more emotional than stuff i've done previously. i'm already to the point, writing-wise, where it seems a little needlessly sentimental to me now (remember, i finished writing this in september). but as a fan of deeper, more dramatic cartoons (boondocks comes to mind, but iron giant mostly) i've always wanted to make something with a little more substance, or, if that sounds insulting, something that tugs at you more and makes you FEEL. the simpsons changed my life in the way that it made me feel for the characters, in episodes like lisa's substitute or and maggie makes three.

when i did a comic series from 2003 to 2010, it started to get a little deeper and dramatic as it went on, despite poorly-developed characters (which you'd expect from a nine-year old who based the first 150 issues on other stuff). in 2011, when i first saw skyler page's crater face, it also kinda hit me hard. i'd been wanting to do animation forever (it's always been my end goal) but it just clicked that i can be doing it NOW. i started making animations the next year but held off writing more emotional content until i got to the point to where i feel competent enough with my storytelling and design to successfully incorporate it. and now it's time!

so i hope whenever it comes out people here enjoy it! i'll probably make a part 2 just for newgrounds, but youtube will get the full, original version. the one that i wrote and boarded that way. as of right now, i'm shooting for late january on this. alrighty. that's enough. back into the cave, you'll hear no more from me until it is complete! alright. bye.

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Iron Giant good, so good.

Way to start the new year RIGHT!