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yay front page!!

Posted by tylerghardin - December 24th, 2014

hey i made it to the front page! thank you so much! the xmas short (p1) didn't do so hot upon immediate upload (10th place *starts sweating*) but someone up in the newgrounds higher-ups musta liked it. thank you for the opportunity to gain a few more viewers for this thing. it's been (and is) a monster and i'm very grateful. it's super gratifying when you get people to watch your cartoon, and even moreso when i receive reviews for them (good or bad)! 

what's in the immediate future for me? well, part 2 of course. that is set for january, and by january, i mean, like, late january... animation takes forever, even the shitty stuff i'm doin. i would love for it to be done by, like, mid-january, and then i could get to work on brobot 2, but we'll see how it goes. i completed the radio play and animatic for brobot 2 last night and i'm really diggin it. it came out pretty funny. i wanted to participate in the mobile bay film scramble again but i don't know if i'm gonna have time.

after brobot 2 comes a music video for weird al's jackson park express, i think. it's the first time i'm not animating something entirely my own and original (which is uncomfortable for me) but i adore weird al. he's like, one of my number one influences, next to the simpsons. i've seen him in concert, met him afterward, and seems like the best guy. so maybe if i send it to him he'll like it. i have lots of great ideas for it, it's a shame he didn't get to make a video for it last summer (darn you RCA!) 

then after that... it's looking like it's finally time to launch my animated series sparks, which will be distributed here and youtube in short installments, maybe 3-4 minutes long. i WISH they could be 7 minutes, but i'm really pushing the internet attention span on that one, and plus, it would take longer to create. i just want to have enough room to add as many jokes and development as possible. i realize they could fluctuate on running time (this isn't TV) but i WANT it to be like TV. it appears there's a certain diligence that arises from a standard, compact running time, so i wanna adhere to that tradition.

for now i'm just celebrating christmas with my family and i hope everyone reading this is getting to do the same. thank you for allowing my animation to be front-paged and thank you for the reviews. i'll see ya around next time!