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WHEN will the new animation come out?

Posted by tylerghardin - December 16th, 2014

ah, yes, the animation process. so full of wonder and intrigue. so full of promises and dreams. so full of missed deadlines and anger, shame, sadness, and indifference.

that's where i'm at, right now, hovering between steps four and five of ben levin's 5 stages of grief when working with animation. i found it on his old blog and i find it EXTREMELY true... 


i started on this short last december, and then shelved it because it wasn't coming together, so i worked on the script at points throughout this year. then i finalized that thing in august and september, recorded the entire soundtrack and animatic in october, completed models and designs as halloween approached, and right about then i dove in. i will never ever attempt something like this ever again. if you haven't read my past blogs, this animation is 20 minutes long. i made an attempt for it to appear like a real tv show, but then i forget most tv shows have a staff of, like, 50-80 people helping out. 

it's been a real nightmare making this thing, and i mean that. i'm not the most able animator, and my style's pretty simple, but even the work that i'm doing takes time to create. here's the thing: it isn't coming out before christmas. (takes long hard breath and sighs heavily) it used to tear me up inside that this isn't going to be done before the deadline but i've accepted it now. i used to get sad about that, but now i'm just indifferent. it is what it is. i'll accept my failure and move on. i'll look at it instead this way: this animation will be there as a testament to how hard i worked at this point and time and i'm quite proud of that.

at one point i wanted to put this out with animatic scenes interspersed with final animation but i just don't feel like doing that anymore. no one is really pressuring me to put this out. the general public, and all 12 of my fans (a few friends, family, and two or three online) don't really care. the only one thinking about this 24/7 is me. no one's clamoring for my newest. and what damn difference does it make if it comes out before or after christmas? it's the same internal deadline machine i've battled face to face since i began my animation journey two years ago. candle bridge was intended for halloween, but slipped short. i wanted guilty pleasure out on march 22 EXACTLY (for no reason. just because i wanted it out that day), and beach blanket break-in HAD to come out before may was up. it's stupid, i know. it hurts even more for this one BECAUSE it's holiday centered but what can you do.

so tyler, stop beating around the bush and tell us: where the hell are you even at time-wise on this short? we want it NOW! well thank you imaginary viewer. right now i'm at about 9 minutes of completed animation out of 19. i'm excited because more visually interesting stuff i get to animate comes very soon, and it just feels like i'm getting closer to the end. here is my current insane goal: i want to complete this in the next two weeks (laugh, yes). december 26 is my current goal. i'm working with a new schedule i've created and i'm doing okay on it. so hopefully this can get done before new years.

anyway. i hope this short winds up good. i'm so far past the point of even knowing anything about it i have no opinions. i just feel fried haha. what are my next animations? next month i start and hopefully finish brobot 2, a funny sequel to a short i made two years ago. i think it's really funny, i'm excited for it. afterwards, i came up with a cool idea of animating a video to weird al's "jackson park express", so that's gonna be fun (although another 10 minutes of animation? ughhhh). afterwards, i expect to go full speed on my animated series sparks - featuring all-new characters, continuity, character development, and more!

alright that's enough. until next time.


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DAMNNNNN dropping a BOMBshell like Brobot 2?!?!1 Yes! I can't wait. Does Jason ever get a job?
Can Brobot Forgive? Will everyone smoke down? TUNE in next month!

Also your new animated series sounds cool. I thought Sparks was just a made up town only for this animation. I look forward to hearing more about it in 2015.

in brobot 2, jason and brobot are in college together and their friendship is tested to the limit as brobot continues to smoke around a sober, trying-to-get-his-life-together jason. i think it's really funny man i'm pretty stoked about it.

and yeah! sparks has been in the works for a while now, and the origins and ideas for it stretch back way farther than that. i've been coming up with stuff for sparks since, like, 2008. it's been a while. i'm excited.