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Posted by tylerghardin - November 21st, 2014

man oh man. this animation isn't coming along fast enough. i am so tired of it. i just want to fuck off and not work on it for like a day because it's so time-consuming and frustrating. especially when i'm way behind my goals for this week.

let's be real: i have a little over five minutes of this short completed. my goal is to have at least 7-8 minutes done by tuesday, because i leave to go back home for thanksgiving. i wanted almost 9 minutes done, but that's defnitely not happening at this point. i know i won't get much work done the week of thanksgiving for factors out of my control, but i should return to it full-force on that friday. 

i'm already having to face the fact that this may not make it. this seems to be a curse of mine with holiday-centered shorts. my very first ever animation, candle bridge, was intended for halloween and didn't come out till that christmas. granted, this one is in way better shape (and will be by dec 20-22, my desired release date) but it won't be coming out valentine's day haha. i realize that this isn't a matter of life and death, and i'm stressing myself out way too much for this animation.

so what i think i'm going to do is put it out in december as a WIP. i'll have my original thumbnail boards interspersed with finished animation. it's embarrassing (especially when you see my thumbnail boards - woo!), but i can't do much. i think on newgrounds you can reupload a different edit of a video after it's published, and it will remain at the same link. that would be a godsend to me. unfortunately, i'll have to wind up reuploading the whole thing on youtube when i finish, but let's face it, no one's fucking watching any of my shit there so it doesn't really matter.

i've returned to actually enjoying this short again. i watched the animatic recently (which isn't a true animatic... its just a collection of my sloppy thumbnail boards) and i quite liked it. i hope people like it too.

Comments (1)

Whoa, dude.

Sounds rough, how's your goal coming as of now?
Think you'll hit the 7 minute mark by tomorrow?

But also relax don't stress yourself out, this is suppose to be fun
Remember? You still have at about a month. (24th is still before Christmas)
Haha. I'm positive you'll get it done by then!

But also as much as I'm looking forward to this animation
I would happily wait until its completed rather than being released partly finished.

It's your baby! Your grand masterpiece. Don't compromise and post it when it's finished.

That's just my advice do whatever you think is right.
I believe you can pull it off!

haha nope - probably will hit six min. if i'm lucky by morning. i've kind of let go of the stress and it's kinda just fun again. coming up with the idea to issue it partially completed has really improved my mindset. because only 2 or 3 minutes will be animatic, and the rest will be completed. that way, i get it out in sufficient time for the holidays. i feel pretty good about that.

i'll definitely probably get it done by christmas day, for sure. and thank you so much for your support man. it means the world. i certainly still think this is the best thing i've done so far.