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new animation, reflection, and some thoughts

Posted by tylerghardin - August 18th, 2014


hey there whoever's reading this i got an update for ya! the new animation is coming along and it should be done by the end of this week - woohoo!! unlike my last two animations, and much like the ones before that, i'm at the point in working on it where i'm going "holy shit this sucks this was a terrible idea." but hey - maybe by LIKING the last two, i jinxed myself, and that's why they didn't do well! (that's entirely irrational, but this is how my brain works). partially kidding, but i'm still excited to have something out. i really like the feeling of having something new out there. there was a time when i wasn't doing that and HOO BOY am i glad that's not now!

two years ago right now i had just come up with the idea for my first animation - and man, did it suck! glad i never posted it here. i'd have prob been ripped to shreds. haha. very glad i'm still hard at work on this journey and thank you newgrounds friends and anyone who has ever watched one of my animations for giving me a chance and your time. i hope i entertain you! 

i'm not quite sure what animation i'm going to do next. i have a backlog of ideas i can choose from (scripts, thoughts i can develop, etc) but the one thing i planned to work on may not work out. i had a short i started around november of last year and i've spent all year refining it and going back to it, but unfortunately now that it's time to begin animation on it, i feel like it's severely underdeveloped (even with a year of time spent). there are two things i can do: say fuck it and make it anyway and not "save my good ideas" (ian-jones quartey expanded upon this in a tumblr post) or just keep chipping away at it. i'd love for it to be rid of my mind forever but for some reason this story is special to me and i want to keep working at it. so here we are.

i've definitely got more plans for my animations looking at the fall, though. around november i'm gonna start on one and have it out around christmastime. ive been working on it for a year (script-wise) and i'm really excited for it. that one is for sure already ready to animate.

wow, this got long, i should stop. kudos if you're still reading. new animation will be out hopefully by friday! weeeee!


Comments (1)

I can't wait for your new animation!!!1

Personally I've liked all of your animations, Even the ones not posted here, candle lite bridge voice cracks brobot anyone?
your comedy is really refreshing it's not like most of the comedic videos on here which are really crass.

Also for your last videos I might have a idea why they weren't as popular as they could have been, I think you mentioned it before but, I think because they weren't as relatable as your most popular ones, we've all had those awkward situations while buying something, we all have guilty pleasure music. I could be wrong though.

Also keep at it! Keep working on that story until it's as perfect as you can get it. There will always be something you want to change or add but it's better than just releasing it half way because it's basically just giving up on it, work on it some more and when it tell the story and gives the message you want then go for it release it.

Haha, sorry now i'm babbling, so i'll wrap this up. Keep doing what you're doing!

Good Luck!

man, your comment brightened my day! i'm very thankful people like you follow me and are so encouraging.

and wow, i'm surprised you mentioned the ones i never posted here! thank you for the compliments on them. and i agree - crass humor is great in doses, but not all the time. i think that's why i dislike a lot of online animations, and a lot of the "adult animated" shows today (brickleberry makes me want to kill myself). there's absolutely nothing wrong with offensive humor, of course, but it's gotten old, shock-based, and just unfunny. granted, i've had missteps in the past in this realm (surrealist life, which was never supposed to be an animation anyway, hence the cursing) and my last animation was pretty crass. haha. the next one coming up is actually in a similar vein, but after it, i've got some really sweet, heart-based ones to come that i'm really excited about. i kinda like that balance, between crass and sweet.

and you're right - people like stories that can relate to. i'm very proud of beach blanket break-in (paul simon was... not a mistake, but, not the best), even though i know it'd be very un-relatable. my reasoning behind this is that i don't want to get pigeonholed as some sort of "slice of life" artist. there's nothing wrong with slice of life, and any artist needs to keep in mind what the audience will enjoy in addition to what they'll find funny. i imagine i've got a few more "slice of life" animations up my sleeve, though. i like the format. this next one isn't so relatable (nervous laughter), but i think it's pretty funny and i'm excited for it.

and thank you, again, for the advice on the story. i've pretty much decided to continue working on it until it's good then putting it out as is. i'm on no deadline. i can finish it whenever i want haha. there's no reason to put unneeded pressure on myself on something like that when i can continue to chip away at it and just make it better.

and no, you're good - i'm a rambler myself, so i appreciated seeing a long block of text. thanks again for always commenting on these entires and following my work. i sent your comment around to my close friends cause it touched me. you're awesome. thanks again.