new short in due time!!

2014-07-25 03:20:04 by tylerghardin

hey yall. a new short is in the works right now! i'm excited for it, it's looking good. might be a few more weeks but i really wanna get it done so hopefully it'll be up here soon. it's called sign language right now. i really hope newgrounds likes it. the last few haven't done so hot so maybe this'll make up for it. 

wooo! till next time,



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2014-07-25 21:12:12

YOU GO TYLER!!! Can't wait :)

Also they were reviewed well, They just didn't have a lot of views for some reason.

tylerghardin responds:

thanks a ton buddy! glad you keep following my stuff and enjoying it!

maybe newgrounds is slow in the summer. all the ones of mine that have done well are those in the school season. who knows!