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new animation soon and some words on the last one and stuff

Posted by tylerghardin - June 6th, 2014

hey there!

the last animation i posted here didn't do so hot. i actually liked this animation before i put it out (as opposed to my usual "i hate this and i'm done with this" attitude) so maybe i jinxed myself. it didn't do as well other places either and i can't lie, it damaged spirits a bit. i want it to do well, you know? i've talked to friends who thought maybe it flopped because it wasn't as relatable as previous ones. i'd love some feedback so i can see what people might've felt did or didn't work. maybe it's just a slow season at newgrounds (lots of front page videos' views seem to be sorta down).

you win some, you lose some i suppose. the good news is that there's another animation in the pipeline and i expect it to be done as early as next week! i want something out before i'm gone for a week just because i want to have more stuff out, and i feel like i need to redeem myself since the last one bombed. haha. kidding (sorta). this animation has to do with one of my favorite-ever albums/musicians and what would happen if they caught me jerkin' it. makes no sense, i'm well aware. maybe i'm losing it. maybe i'm going crazy. nawww.

anyway, any feedback would be greatly appreciated! i like everyone here at newgrounds a whole lot and your suggestions and comments mean a lot to me (when they aren't trolls 1-starring things just because).

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Hi don't feel down. I do music and i know how it feels to be working like 12 hours on a project and not meeting the ratings, plays or even the response you expect. I think you should not "listen" to what other people want, but more to what you want, in the end its your project, do it for fun. Don't try and make something because you need to, but because you want to.

That's just my opinion. So go draw some stuff! (if you want to of course)

i realize that i'm doing this all for me and i should do what i think is funny, and i am. but i also feel like i should understand what people think about in order to be the best artist i can be, and hopefully, one day successful. you're right on that i should WANT to make things, and i do. i suppose i just shouldn't get caught up on whether it's immediately successful or not.

and i hope all works out with your music. thank you for the comment.

I personally thought it was really funny. That scooby-doo chase scene caught me off guard and i really enjoyed it, the music the animation and the situation. My guess on why it didn't do too well is probably just bad timing on uploading it.