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EOTY report

Posted by tylerghardin - December 17th, 2020

hello world!

(sort-of) long time no see. it’s been almost two months since the release of my last BROBOT episode, hillsdaleoween, which was an intense and lengthy project. the response was wonderful from friends and viewers, though few watched it than ever before. but for the first time, however, i wasn’t obsessed with its reception, or its views… i just felt happy that those who watched enjoyed. i’m not here for an online viral smash, i’m here for making the show i want to make. all said, i’m immensely proud of the BROBOT episode, and very grateful to have finished it.


since that time, i’ve taken a lot of time off from art-making, and focused on other endeavors. i’ve been making some daily comics, but not many lol. i’ve started tiny bits of story stuff for episode 104, tentatively titled midway madness. spoiler: brobot and celia go to the local county fair and chaos ensues! very excited to continue working on its story and make a better episode than ever before. my goal at this point is to have a script up and going by spring, which can hopefully be punched up and ready for storyboards by may 2021.

speaking of boards, that’s been another big focus of mine going forward into the new year. i’m hoping to have a new website online by march, showcasing original storyboards (as well as BROBOT, and comics too). i feel confident enough in my artistic abilities for the first time in my life to begin trying to find work, and so recently, i applied for a job, and was fortunate enough to take my first professional board test (NDA-bound, but it was for a big studio in american TV). i’m still waiting to hear back, but even if it doesn’t pan out, i feel more ready than ever to face the future. i learned a lot taking the test, and know what i must do to better improve my visual storytelling.

that board test experience was so exciting. combined w/ completing the BROBOT episode, i feel as though i’ve had a very successful creative year. thanks to those who read this.

see you in 2021, and happy holidays,





Always have a backup plan man.And don´t put all the ideas you have into that project(if it ever happens)-These days its obvious companies don´t care about art or anything else.Its about making money and if they need to hijack your vision and ideas to do it they will.Just remember that.

duly noted -- a job is a job in my book. i'll put forth creative effort no question, but it's a means to an end altogether

Happy Holidays! Seems like it's been a pretty good year for you after all; a hopeful 2021 coming up!

thanks!! hard one for the world, nqat, but grateful it’s been fairly positive for me