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new BROBOT episode out for halloween!

Posted by tylerghardin - October 30th, 2020

happy halloween everyone! my spooky new BROBOT episode is finally out. in this episode, the gang summons a zombie apocalypse, and must take ghastly measures to save the city of hillsdale…or else they may be put in the grave forever. this episode was long in the making, so i’m going to write about it here!

when i was developing BROBOT around this time five (!) years ago, the series was more or less plotted out. as the show moves throughout brobot’s school year, it makes sense episode 3 would be a seasonal halloween show. that november, i saw a news report of a wayward pumpkin balloon in arizona (video here). both amused and inspired, i put together a rough, but complete first draft of this episode overnight. to put things into perspective, this was when ep. 101 was still being storyboarded, and ep. 102 was only an idea. you can see in this screenshot, amazingly, that some stuff has survived into the final iteration:


seasons came and went… the first two episodes of BROBOT were completed and released between 2017 and 2018. midway through the latter year, i began work on this episode, revising the script and recording the soundtrack (that’s right, some of what you’re hearing is two years old, now). it quickly became clear it wouldn’t be possible to complete in time for that halloween, so I pushed it to the next year. soon, i fell into an artistic rough patch… projects were started, abandoned, and ignored. this episode was too. i feared looking at it, and as time marched on, it was sadly obvious another holiday would come and go. still, more drafts were completed, and the animatic/soundtrack were locked by late 2019.

animation started late last year and continued through the pandemic. i think i was like two and a half minutes into the show in may (!), so the last few months have been super productive, and especially the last couple of weeks. i think this week i’ve spent probably 35+ hours in front of my computer, including a stretch between 4PM tuesday to 12PM wednesday lol. needless to say, i’ve worked harder on this project than anything in my life. it moved between states, houses, and editing suites, from a mac to a PC, and on an intuos tablet to a cintiq. in a sense, this episode was an albatross around my neck like no other artistic endeavor i’ve ever had. and there’s portions i’m uncomfortable with…scenes that are sloppy due to the time crunch and shots where it’s more refined. as gregg allman once crooned: “please don’t confront me with my failures… I’m aware of them.” next time i’ll try to avoid twinning, mixing frame rates, and so on and so forth.

but as always, the most important thing is putting it out, and finally it is done! exciting — this is the first time i’ve ever made a holiday deadline! altogether, i think this episode is a good combination of my current artistic abilities, especially its script and storyboard. i hope if you watch you enjoy. i’ll make another blog post when i have more to share, sometime in the next month or two.

thanks for reading if you made it to the bottom :)





Great cartoon man! i discovered your toon randomly this Halloween in the portal and found it very funny and the characters were all really fun and the story was cool too. Congrats on the long battle to complete it, I know the feeling haha. But yeah consider me a new follower and look forward to more of your animations!

hey thanks friend! i appreciate that you get how long these can take. you can look forward to more projects in the near future, some animated and some comic-related. the next BB episode might take a second haha — the goal is this time next year, but i wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a little longer. thanks for the follow!