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BROBOT halloween show update!

Posted by tylerghardin - June 1st, 2020

howdy team. may 15 officially marked halfway to halloween which means...

i really need to make better progress on the brobot episode. lmao

good news to report of course. i’ve hit the three-minute mark of completed animation, and i’m well into the episode’s storyline. it’s nice to see it coming together visually, rather than just sloppy storyboards. i’m also mixing in sound effects as i go, and it’s enjoyable... as always, it tends to come alive with some extra sound effects. i do hate to admit it, but this past month wasn’t the greatest in terms of progress. i’ve really been busting my ass at my day job, putting in a lot of hours and having little energy for animation upon getting home. it’s a tough balance — one i’ve struggled with for a long time and am overall improving at. still, i’ve added over 55 seconds to the episode’s runtime since i last updated all you fine folks (that’s right, the thousands of you, i know you’re there, you don’t have to say anything, it’s fine). so i’m happy with what i have :) the scenes now involve crowd shots, so that’s always a tough one. 

more cool news: i revised the episode’s ending and shortened another sequence, which is something i rarely do this far into production. the original ending just dragged and was never super funny or satisfying to me, while another key back-and-forth similarly went on a little too long. brevity is turning out to be a powerful skill. it’s not that i want to rush through scenes, it’s that the episode’s arc points need to hit at exactly the right moments. anyway, i knew that it’s going to be a few more months before i get to those shots to work on so editing them isn’t an issue really :) #digitalanimation also interesting news: i switched from a mac to PC to help shots render better. for the past eight years, all of the projects i've worked on have been made and composited on a macbook. finally my brother convinced me that things might go faster on a custom PC with a bomb graphics card and all that stuff -- so we built one!

it’s all in service of making episode three of BROBOT the best yet and i’m excited about it! think i’ve set a date for the episode release: friday, october 23! one week to enjoy for halloween :)  maybe later i’ll throw up some deleted scenes later on if the episode garners interest here or elsewhere. to be completely transparent: i’d really like it to. i’m making art for myself, but it’d be very nice to have my art enjoyed widely — for the first time in a long time. 

here’s a shot of some zombies. this was the first shot i made on the PC. zoinkssss!





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