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halloween update

Posted by tylerghardin - October 29th, 2019

greetings everyone. happy halloween! you know what that means…

only one more year until the next episode of brobot! (haha…)

the next episode, if you didn’t know, is a halloween show. work’s progressing to a new stage right now: the animation stage! in late july, i managed to edit down the episode’s length for pacing and productivity purposes — with my girlfriend’s help, of course! it’s the first time i’ve ever edited anything after the animatic was locked, which was weird. but i think we came up with some really smart cuts that really benefit the episode. after that, i got started on rigging characters… and re-rigging, and re-rigging. it’s been way too long, and i’ve been in a rough spot.

really, i’ve been in a bad place with art, animation, and comics for a long time. i haven't worked consistently enough, due to other responsibilities in life. when i do sit down to make it happen, getting into the zone can be difficult and it’s like i never have the time i need. my job often required 6-day stretches of work that could be time-consuming, to say the least. to alleviate matters, i’ve adjusted my hours to 32 per week… just enough to cover insurance. wish i could go even lower, but it simply isn’t those days anymore.

and that’s been difficult for me. since i finished something anything issue 3, i fell into a weird funk. projects fell through; ideas were birthed, then promptly scrapped. there was a bright spot earlier this year when i created the fourth issue of that series, but since then i’ve even progressed to feeling weird about making autobiographical comics… why should anyone care about this? do i have a unique perspective? have i said too much? suffice to say, it’s been a taxing year, mentally. but recently i’ve been trying to just shut out the bullshit and just do the work. i’ve been making comics for myself more, for no one but me, and it’s been awesome.

consequently, rigs are (almost) done, and i’m into animation already. here’s the first 25 seconds’ worth. colors/sound effects/animation not entirely final. thanks to anyone reading or supporting. in comic-related news, i’ll also be appearing at my last fest of the year, ALTlanta, here in atlanta. that’s on november 17. see you there!





Can completely understand that feeling of being overwhelmed with responsibilities and work interfering with your motivations towards the things you actually want to get done. Not much I can say support wise, but you're a very talented artist and I hope that you continue to push through the sludge and just keep at it. Never give up, but don't push too hard. :)

hey, i appreciate the vote of confidence, and the genuine comment. thanks very much, you keep at it too!