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update bruh

Posted by tylerghardin - January 9th, 2019

greetings all, been a minute.

right now i'm working on a new issue of something anything, my autobio comics series. i'd like to have the issue done by the end of this month, if possible. after that, i'm finally gonna start on compiling a bunch of old, unreleased daily comics into a collection called put on currents, where's the alcohol... should be a nice, perfect-bound book that i'll be selling at some upcoming fests i'll be at. you can def expect to see me at the following fests:

march 24 -- punk rock flea market (mobile, al, my hometown!)

march 30 -- fluke (athens, ga)

may XX -- chattanooga zine fest (chattanooga, tn)

at those, i'll also have all the old issues of something anything, plus brobot buttons and stickers, hopefully. i'm also at this exact moment taking my hourly comics days from years past and compiling them into a little cheapo zine that i'll have there too. i want to do more conventions this year, but traveling is hard. it'd be a dream to do STAPLE or SPX or something.

solitary man in giant auditorium audience: bruh, when you gonna make some more animations?

me: calm down, fanbase!

you can expect a new brobot episode out later this year. i was working on a little project that was an animated version of a comic i did, but it fell by the wayside. i just wasn't that interested in it and i don't know, i've been in a major funk more or less since i completed the last something anything. i took on more responsibilites at work, though that's not entirely to blame for it. we've also moved houses, though again... i am myself to blame. i boarded some of the brobot episode you'll see in october last summer, and i'm gonna try and write another draft of it before i begin working on it, which will be in february/march (or whenever this issue and put on currents is done). it's a halloween show and i haven't taken a look at it since last summer, but i liked it a lot and hopefully with enough lead time it'll be out for the season.

okay, i'll leave you with the entiriety of that project i was working on last month. enjoy it, lemme know what you think or if i should complete it.




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Yeah you definitely need to finish that! XD Oh mah gawd...