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GOING MOBILE and the post-something anything malaise

Posted by tylerghardin - August 13th, 2018

greetings all,

i’ve got a new zine out called going mobile. no big fanfare for this one, it’s just a very small celebration of my hometown through illustrations. i was back in town there this weekend, and stocked it in a few stores along the way -- you can now get it in mob-town at satori, mobile records, and port city comics. in b'ham, you can get it beginning next week at sanctum comics. my goal’s to have it in most comic shops here in alabama, and it’s available for purchase now on my storenvy as usual. for this project, i was trying to emulate the simplicty/economy of one of my fav artists, jp coovert. i tried it on paper, digital, paper, then digital again, and more times. nothing seemed to be working. eventually the goal of this project just became to overcome it and complete the damn thing. it may be sloppy, it’s not what i had envisioned, but it’s time to move past it.


i’ve just been going through a real weird time this summer. artisically, i haven't been sure of what i want for myself or what to focus on. i wrote a few drafts of a halloween brobot episode and even recorded the soundtrack. i put together some of an animatic, and realized i didn’t have enough time to complete it in time for the holiday. then i made going mobile, and despite it being 20 or so simple-ass drawings, it took fuckin forever. i’ve been lazy, confused, and mainly just neutral… which is oddly scarier than a more concrete emotion. i don’t know what i’m doing or what i should be doing; i’m just dreadfully indecisive as to what i want. there’s this paramore song called caught in the middle which is really how i’ve been feeling… “try to get going but it’s not that simple / gotta get going or they’ll call me a quitter”. i must admit, i’m very happy in my everyday life, but what’s up next?

well, i’ve got some ideas for a series called FUNTASIA. i haven’t even really begun working on it really, so it’s in that embryonic stage where it’s just messy ideas. i don’t want to abandon brobot, but it’s looking like that next episode WILL be the next episode of that, and since it’s not for THIS halloween, it’s… you get the point. see ya for a minute, brobot. i’ve got a lot of comic ideas for the next something anything, and i’d like another one of those out before the end of the year. but i’d really like to tackle funtasia. so i guess THAT’s what’s next. i hope i get outta this soon. thanks for following me if you do!