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something anything 3!!

Posted by tylerghardin - May 5th, 2018

4518837_152549992773_sa3-3.jpggreetings everyone! i havent posted in a while, so ill start with a quick recap.

last you heard, i’d just finished brobot ep 2 and was preparing to go to FLUKE in athens. that was my first time ever selling comics and hoo boy, lemme tell you, was i nervous. if you ask anyone, i was that weird guy going around nervously trying to talk to people but then not being able to hear them in return because of an ear infection. so yeah. my nerves chilled out by the end of the day and i had a great time tho. i met a bunch of really nice people and i’m super thankful for that. i’m going to try and do more festivals/conventions, beginning with tomorrow’s chattanooga zine fest where i’ll be debuting…


that’s right, the long belated follow-up to my last issue from (checks back of issue) may of 2016, holy fuck… but anyway, it’s been a crazy last month trying to get it completed in time for chattanooga (a month ago, i had like three pages done. so since then, especially this past week, i’ve just been a comic-makin machine). i’ve had a lot of developments personally in the past two years, so i tried to fit in as much as i could. consequently, this new issue is WAY longer (30+ pages!). i’m hoping it’ll be more worthwhile than the OG editions of issues 1 and 2, which were a puny 12-15 pages. speaking of those, i’ll be phasing out no 1 (straight up, i can’t bear to look at the art in it anymore), but i’ll prob still sell no 2 for a while.

anyway, i’m really excited about this new comic. it’s got some stuff i’ve been wanting to include for a long time, including funny tales from childhood and really-real/sad stuff i was too shy to include in other installments. so come get it at chattanooga zine fest today! i’m hoping to be asheville zine fest maybe too in june but we’ll see. by that time, i hope to have a simpler zine i’ve been brainstorming called going mobile. nothing fancy, just a trip around my hometown in scribbled depictions. and also MAAAAYBE a book (!) of reaaaally old comics from when i first started doing comics. we’ll see though (can you tell i’m indecisive/broke?).

okay thats enough! something anything 3 is available now on my new storenvy.

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Awesome news. :D Congrats on the new publication!

thank you so much!