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tylerghardin's News

Posted by tylerghardin - February 14th, 2015

hey everyone!! part 2 of the christmas short is out (or will be out soon after this is posted)! feelin' pretty good about it. i've slayed the monster.

in this, hopefully brief entry, i kinda want to offer what i've learned in this process. i’ve always wanted to make something with heart. this story has heart, but maybe too much of it. like, [SPOILER] does herman have to give him a hug at the end? it’s just sappy and overly sentimental. speaking of story, act one should be 25% of it. in this short, i spend, like, four minutes at the tree lot in the opening. just really bad. 

despite its flaws (and god, there are so many), i’m pretty proud of this effort. more than that, i’m excited that i recognize my flaws. these will be things improved upon in my next short. as my internal defense mechanism said when i started this journey two years ago, ‘there’s nowhere to go but up’. 

i'll see you fellas in a couple weeks for brobot 2!! 

Posted by tylerghardin - January 30th, 2015

hi ng people!

as you know, i promised the christmas short would be out at the end of january. well, as one would have it for a 20-minute cartoon, i can't really put a date on it. although i'm preeeeeetty confident it'll see release on valentine's day. i'm deep into it now, and i'm proud of the completed work so far. the amount of lessons i've learned during this are innumerable.

(side note: i'm way past the point of even laughing about a christmas short in time for valentine's day. i made that joke when i started, knowing well i'd get it out at christmas. the fact that's getting a very odd release is super frustrating and depressing for me. i worked way hard on this (and it's a project, writing-wise, that's been in development for over a year) so to see it being shoved out at such an inopportune time is painful).

(side note 2: #1 question i get: you're better off saving it for next christmas now! yeah. no. i'm ready to throw this out there, be done with it, and never see it again). 

so after this ordeal, it's deeefffinitely back to 2-minute shorts for me. i will never tackle something like this again. you hear that dangerously amibitious other plans? a weird al music video and a feature-length movie musical?? YOU'RE OUTTA HERE!

alright. anyway. i should get back to work. see you in 15 days!

Posted by tylerghardin - January 9th, 2015

hey ng whats up. hope anyone reading had a nice holiday season!

anywho i'm still working on the christmas short, way after christmas, and let me tell you, it is weirdly depressing. i've put so much into this short and it sucks it wasn't ENTIRELY out on christmas. it was nice to have a respite and gauge public opinion on it for a second, but i already have a bad feeling it'll be, like, january 30 and the whole thing'll be up and everyone will be like "hmm, this is nice, would be great if it were actually christmas!" as my style and competence evolves in this medium i imagine my production processes will only get longer so i am doomed for late deadlines... so no more holiday specials! haha. i have no problems getting them done, but each holiday-centered thing i've done has fucked me, time-wise.

on that note, no 20-minute specials ever again! haha. i just watched the animatic again and i like this cartoon. it's pretty good. kinda crazy that's i'm halfway through with it, in all honesty. it's weird to see this monster get completed piece by piece. i'm sure when it's complete i'll feel like i've climbed mount everest. i'm not the best animator, but this is definitely my best so far. even when you're making what i'm making, which i'll admit isn't super expressive and uses the shit out of those models i made, it still takes an immense amount of effort and time to craft it. hopefully, like the simpsons, it's the script that stands out. and also the heart that i wrote this with.

speaking of, i don't know if i've spoken about this in my innumerable blogs leading up to its completion, but this short is actually a little sweeter, more emotional than stuff i've done previously. i'm already to the point, writing-wise, where it seems a little needlessly sentimental to me now (remember, i finished writing this in september). but as a fan of deeper, more dramatic cartoons (boondocks comes to mind, but iron giant mostly) i've always wanted to make something with a little more substance, or, if that sounds insulting, something that tugs at you more and makes you FEEL. the simpsons changed my life in the way that it made me feel for the characters, in episodes like lisa's substitute or and maggie makes three.

when i did a comic series from 2003 to 2010, it started to get a little deeper and dramatic as it went on, despite poorly-developed characters (which you'd expect from a nine-year old who based the first 150 issues on other stuff). in 2011, when i first saw skyler page's crater face, it also kinda hit me hard. i'd been wanting to do animation forever (it's always been my end goal) but it just clicked that i can be doing it NOW. i started making animations the next year but held off writing more emotional content until i got to the point to where i feel competent enough with my storytelling and design to successfully incorporate it. and now it's time!

so i hope whenever it comes out people here enjoy it! i'll probably make a part 2 just for newgrounds, but youtube will get the full, original version. the one that i wrote and boarded that way. as of right now, i'm shooting for late january on this. alrighty. that's enough. back into the cave, you'll hear no more from me until it is complete! alright. bye.

Posted by tylerghardin - December 24th, 2014

hey i made it to the front page! thank you so much! the xmas short (p1) didn't do so hot upon immediate upload (10th place *starts sweating*) but someone up in the newgrounds higher-ups musta liked it. thank you for the opportunity to gain a few more viewers for this thing. it's been (and is) a monster and i'm very grateful. it's super gratifying when you get people to watch your cartoon, and even moreso when i receive reviews for them (good or bad)! 

what's in the immediate future for me? well, part 2 of course. that is set for january, and by january, i mean, like, late january... animation takes forever, even the shitty stuff i'm doin. i would love for it to be done by, like, mid-january, and then i could get to work on brobot 2, but we'll see how it goes. i completed the radio play and animatic for brobot 2 last night and i'm really diggin it. it came out pretty funny. i wanted to participate in the mobile bay film scramble again but i don't know if i'm gonna have time.

after brobot 2 comes a music video for weird al's jackson park express, i think. it's the first time i'm not animating something entirely my own and original (which is uncomfortable for me) but i adore weird al. he's like, one of my number one influences, next to the simpsons. i've seen him in concert, met him afterward, and seems like the best guy. so maybe if i send it to him he'll like it. i have lots of great ideas for it, it's a shame he didn't get to make a video for it last summer (darn you RCA!) 

then after that... it's looking like it's finally time to launch my animated series sparks, which will be distributed here and youtube in short installments, maybe 3-4 minutes long. i WISH they could be 7 minutes, but i'm really pushing the internet attention span on that one, and plus, it would take longer to create. i just want to have enough room to add as many jokes and development as possible. i realize they could fluctuate on running time (this isn't TV) but i WANT it to be like TV. it appears there's a certain diligence that arises from a standard, compact running time, so i wanna adhere to that tradition.

for now i'm just celebrating christmas with my family and i hope everyone reading this is getting to do the same. thank you for allowing my animation to be front-paged and thank you for the reviews. i'll see ya around next time!


Posted by tylerghardin - December 22nd, 2014

last night i decided to show my good friend kingdarkeyes an edit of my new christmas animation. if you’ve been following my past blogs, it’s been quite an ordeal to create and work on. SHORT BACKSTORY: i started writing this thing a year ago and when that was finally in shape, i’ve spent the last few months animating it. i, of course, originally wanted it out for christmas. this became painfully obvious somewhere after thanksgiving that this wasn’t going to happen. i toyed with other methods - the full thing, plus unfinished storyboards - but decided against it.

as i was watching this edit, i was noticing my act breaks work well in terms of leaving the viewer wanting. and then i began thinking, wait a minute… what if i just put this out as two separate parts? there are pros and cons to this:


  • i get something out before the holidays are over, which is what i wanted all along
  • that’s about it. haha. it just feels satisfying to have something new out, and maybe it does well and that always is nice!


  • this part isn’t as visually interesting and dynamic as the scenes to come… which isn’t promising for wanting viewers to come back for the second part
  • and the biggest of all: this wasn’t meant to be a two-parter. if i had written it that way, i’d have rathered a single arc that’s explored in this part only, making it satisfying to watch. as it stands, it’s literally just a cut in the middle of the story

after exploring these for about a minute, i decided to totally make this a two-parter. it’s up now! go check it out. newgrounds will be up later today. thank you to everyone who helped out with this.

Posted by tylerghardin - December 16th, 2014

ah, yes, the animation process. so full of wonder and intrigue. so full of promises and dreams. so full of missed deadlines and anger, shame, sadness, and indifference.

that's where i'm at, right now, hovering between steps four and five of ben levin's 5 stages of grief when working with animation. i found it on his old blog and i find it EXTREMELY true... 


i started on this short last december, and then shelved it because it wasn't coming together, so i worked on the script at points throughout this year. then i finalized that thing in august and september, recorded the entire soundtrack and animatic in october, completed models and designs as halloween approached, and right about then i dove in. i will never ever attempt something like this ever again. if you haven't read my past blogs, this animation is 20 minutes long. i made an attempt for it to appear like a real tv show, but then i forget most tv shows have a staff of, like, 50-80 people helping out. 

it's been a real nightmare making this thing, and i mean that. i'm not the most able animator, and my style's pretty simple, but even the work that i'm doing takes time to create. here's the thing: it isn't coming out before christmas. (takes long hard breath and sighs heavily) it used to tear me up inside that this isn't going to be done before the deadline but i've accepted it now. i used to get sad about that, but now i'm just indifferent. it is what it is. i'll accept my failure and move on. i'll look at it instead this way: this animation will be there as a testament to how hard i worked at this point and time and i'm quite proud of that.

at one point i wanted to put this out with animatic scenes interspersed with final animation but i just don't feel like doing that anymore. no one is really pressuring me to put this out. the general public, and all 12 of my fans (a few friends, family, and two or three online) don't really care. the only one thinking about this 24/7 is me. no one's clamoring for my newest. and what damn difference does it make if it comes out before or after christmas? it's the same internal deadline machine i've battled face to face since i began my animation journey two years ago. candle bridge was intended for halloween, but slipped short. i wanted guilty pleasure out on march 22 EXACTLY (for no reason. just because i wanted it out that day), and beach blanket break-in HAD to come out before may was up. it's stupid, i know. it hurts even more for this one BECAUSE it's holiday centered but what can you do.

so tyler, stop beating around the bush and tell us: where the hell are you even at time-wise on this short? we want it NOW! well thank you imaginary viewer. right now i'm at about 9 minutes of completed animation out of 19. i'm excited because more visually interesting stuff i get to animate comes very soon, and it just feels like i'm getting closer to the end. here is my current insane goal: i want to complete this in the next two weeks (laugh, yes). december 26 is my current goal. i'm working with a new schedule i've created and i'm doing okay on it. so hopefully this can get done before new years.

anyway. i hope this short winds up good. i'm so far past the point of even knowing anything about it i have no opinions. i just feel fried haha. what are my next animations? next month i start and hopefully finish brobot 2, a funny sequel to a short i made two years ago. i think it's really funny, i'm excited for it. afterwards, i came up with a cool idea of animating a video to weird al's "jackson park express", so that's gonna be fun (although another 10 minutes of animation? ughhhh). afterwards, i expect to go full speed on my animated series sparks - featuring all-new characters, continuity, character development, and more!

alright that's enough. until next time.


Posted by tylerghardin - November 21st, 2014

man oh man. this animation isn't coming along fast enough. i am so tired of it. i just want to fuck off and not work on it for like a day because it's so time-consuming and frustrating. especially when i'm way behind my goals for this week.

let's be real: i have a little over five minutes of this short completed. my goal is to have at least 7-8 minutes done by tuesday, because i leave to go back home for thanksgiving. i wanted almost 9 minutes done, but that's defnitely not happening at this point. i know i won't get much work done the week of thanksgiving for factors out of my control, but i should return to it full-force on that friday. 

i'm already having to face the fact that this may not make it. this seems to be a curse of mine with holiday-centered shorts. my very first ever animation, candle bridge, was intended for halloween and didn't come out till that christmas. granted, this one is in way better shape (and will be by dec 20-22, my desired release date) but it won't be coming out valentine's day haha. i realize that this isn't a matter of life and death, and i'm stressing myself out way too much for this animation.

so what i think i'm going to do is put it out in december as a WIP. i'll have my original thumbnail boards interspersed with finished animation. it's embarrassing (especially when you see my thumbnail boards - woo!), but i can't do much. i think on newgrounds you can reupload a different edit of a video after it's published, and it will remain at the same link. that would be a godsend to me. unfortunately, i'll have to wind up reuploading the whole thing on youtube when i finish, but let's face it, no one's fucking watching any of my shit there so it doesn't really matter.

i've returned to actually enjoying this short again. i watched the animatic recently (which isn't a true animatic... its just a collection of my sloppy thumbnail boards) and i quite liked it. i hope people like it too.

Posted by tylerghardin - November 10th, 2014

hey yall! i randomly decided to post an old short of mine, brobot, to the site last night. it was made around jan-feb '13, and was the second full animation i ever made (i definitely won't be posting the first on here, which you can still find on YT). i occasionally still find some humor in it, and i thought maybe NG would too.

in more recent news, the animation's coming along, slowly but surely. it's a mess. i will never ever attempt something of this length again. it's a monster. good news though: i posted a short preview clip of it over on my facebook page! here's a direct link: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=665187766932098

ok that's it!


Posted by tylerghardin - October 25th, 2014

newgrounds! been a minute.

i have been working on a very cool new CHRISTMAS animation! it won't be out till december (obvs), but i'm very excited about it. i started working on it last december, but quickly realized it was too ambitious to attempt then (with 10 days to go. yup). so i shelved it, intermittenly working on the script all this year until i finalized it at the end of september. since then, it's been character designs, the soundtrack, the animatic (a nightmare), and most recently, model sheets. why is this taking so long huh?


yup. not a good idea when your main audience is the internet. but 20 minutes allows me to tell the story i want to tell, and i've already cut a lot from it. animation should start monday. 20 minutes in a month in a half? i'm not the best animator, but it'll be okay. 

i'm pretty excited about it, but mostly because i've learned so much during this process. in every aspect of creating a film. thanks to this, i can see the flaws within this one (since this is on a holiday deadline, i've had to supress every perfectionist bone in my body to just leave it be and make the damn thing). but this is a good thing. i feel like it's a huge leap in quality from what i was doing, and better yet, i feel like it pales in comparison to what i have planned for 2015!

also, this will be the last time i use my tyler and dillon characters (which are essentially me and my friend dillon). next year's stuff and beyond will be more fictionalized (and serialized! get ready).

i'm already to the point where i loved the short, hated it, and now i have no feelings whatsoever about it. i'm still excited, but do i know if it's any good anymore? nah. i hope so, and i hope viewers of newgrounds do, if they manage to make it through it. just think of it like an episode of your favorite TV show... because this is how i'm going to be structuring things soon anyway.

here's a section from the script. see you soon!


EDIT: also, i made a facebook, if you're into liking pages! https://www.facebook.com/tylerghardin

Posted by tylerghardin - August 25th, 2014

hey everyone!

really excited about my new animation i got out yesterday morning! even more excited that it seems like people are digging it. this is already my best-performing one since guilty pleasure in march. i'm not in it for views, but i can't lie: i'm excited that people are watching it. i love reviews, no matter if they're one-word "that was funny!" or constructive criticism (or even negative, so long as it's not "lame!").

so if you watched the short and took the time out to write feedback in the reviews section: thank you. i will respond to every single one because i'm grateful anyone takes the time to comment.

i'm not sure which animation i'm gonna tackle next but i've got a billion ideas and scripts to choose from. i'm aiming to have a new one around this time, or hopefully maybe earlier, next month. i'll try to post more stuff on newgrounds and update more often on the progress, so if you're interested, follow me! or don't. you have the option to do that as well. i am not a dictator. 

thanks again to everyone watching/commenting/rating. you rock.